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Well, I've done it. I've crossed the 500 threshold and I'm still moving up in the world. I can believe I actually made it here! Thank you to all of you fine folks that follow my content and like what I put out. As an author, I can't begin to tell you how much of a boost of confidence this is.

When I got started here in August 2016, I had no idea what to expect. I had almost no experience with cryptocurrency, and the only reason I got over onto Steemit at all was because a few of my ancap friends from Facebook told me that I could post my philosophy on here without worrying about getting FB-banned (or Zucked, as the new kids are calling it). When I learned you got paid for posting stuff on the site, I was ecstatic; who knew I could make money doing what I normally do when I puttered around on Facebook?

It's been nearly a year since then, and I took a break in December to finish my novel A Darkness Below, but coming back at the end of May I picked it up right where I left off. I saw a lot of familiar faces and a lot of new ones, and since I've been back I couldn't be happier. I've always said, and it's been echoed by others, that making connections here is what matters most. That's how you earn anything as a Steemit author. The community, like the market, provides if you put in the work!

So, without further ado, I want to give a shoutout to some of my best friends on here!

@jedau - God, what can't I say about you? You've been with me the beginning, and you launched me into devoting the lion's share of my time on my true passion: fiction writing. You always had words of encouragement, and you always engaged me every time I put a story up. Thanks to you, I got started writing for Descriptions on the Spot. You made that possible for me, and I am supremely honored to keep it going in your stead. You are one of the finest people I've had the pleasure of meeting on here. Keep doing great things.

@kryptik - MY BOY! You, sir, are always invited for a beer at my place. You're like my brother from another mother, and if we can ever get our audio series off the ground, we'll be toasting our success in no time. You're a constant source of positive encouragement, and I'm glad you're on here with me, man. Hat tip to you.

@alexbeyman - I love science. I love learning about how we as human beings understand our universe and the myriad ways we're adapting the world and our understanding to suit our needs. You've consistently delivered in that arena, and your fiction work is some of the best writing I've ever read. You have a true talent for it, and I just hope you remember me when you're a best-selling author.

@jenkinrocket - You are one hell of a guy. There's always humor to be gleaned from your posts, and like @alexbeyman, your love of science is mirrored by my own. I always look forward to your posts, and I always get something out of them. Not to mention you gave me an honorable mention on one of your own, and any praise from a fellow creator is worthy of praise in kind. Thank you for the esteem you hold me in, and I hope to keep that going.

@sykochica - Steemprentice helped get me engaged in community-building in a very real way. I got a chance to help people hands-on and improve the quality of content that was sent your way. You are an incredible Steemian, and I'm proud to be here on the platform with you.

@gonzo and @cathi-xx - You two get to share one block of acknowledgement because you two are a couple! @gonzo was one of the first real friends I had on here, and as much as you helped me, I am supremely grateful for having had the opportunity to help you. You're an excellent guy, and I'm honored to count you as a friend. @cathi-xx, you've been an absolute pleasure to talk to and interact with. I know you'll keep an eye on @gonzo now that he's a stone's throw away. Keep him straight!

@winstonwolfe and @jazzyfish - You are truly a power couple here on Steemit, and your contributions to the photography community here cannot be overstated. @winstonwolfe, you've been consistently one of the best photographers here on this platform, and I'm honored to be following you and to have talked to you. @jazzyfish, you have a hell of a guy behind you, and from my interactions with you, I think he lucked out big time, even as good as he is! Keep up the great work you two!

@rhondak - I have never met someone who is so consistently busy with helping people and yet still takes the time and effort to be nice, polite, and supportive. I haven't been at MSP long, and I'm a pretty recent addition to the Fiction Workshop, but you have simultaneously made me feel welcome and kept me honest with my work. Thank you for all that you do!

I also want to give special thanks to the folks at Steemprentice and the Fiction Workshop as a group. Those were where I really delved into trying to build connections with people, and Fiction Workshop stays open in my task tray from the moment I turn my computer on. It's a home away from home, and the people in there (@carolkean, @jrhughes, @nexusfyre, and everyone else I forgot lol) make me want to drop in.

It's been one hell of a journey so far, and the only place I have to go is up from here. I can't wait to make it to 1000 followers and see where the road leads from there. As always, onward and upward! Keep Steeming!

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Andrei Chira is an anarcho-capitalist, former 82nd Airborne paratrooper, vaper, and all-around cool guy. He's a father to one wonderful little girl named Kate, lives down in Alabama, and spends his time writing stories, posting to Steemit (not as much as he probably should), and cultivating the mental fortitude to make it through three years of law school.

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Congrats mate!

Its good to have people like you here, just followed you feel free to follow me back...


So glad to have you as part of the community! You are a cut above the rest in this vast steemit sea of individuals. It's been a pleasure!


I just do what I can. Sometimes I get lucky. I'm glad to enjoy your company, and I'm glad that you enjoy mine :D

Great job, your hard work will pay off!

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Thanks for the shoutout, man! You took a 5 month break and still you have more followers than I do! HAHA! That's a testament to the success you have achieved on here. You really did pick right up where you left off :D

You are an awesome writer, and a worthy flag-bearer of DotS. I'm sure that you're going to help out even more people with what you're trying to do. It's not hard to support you, man. You're a spectacular individual and I'm sure that this milestone is only the beginning of a whole bunch of great things coming your way :D


Without fail, here you are. :D. As always, thank you for the kind words and encouragement. Coincidentally, I'm going to have one of my short stories published in a sci-fi magazine coming up here soon! That's thanks in large part to your positive reinforcement that I am a worthwhile writer, so thank you again!


A sci-fi magazine on Steemit? Hot dog! Congrats on that, man! You know what they say, "Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach. Those who can't teach, encourage others to be the best version of themselves." :D

This is really awesome .