Christmas Spirit Or Shoping Apocalypse

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                                                Who stole Chirstmas?


          Is it just me or it seems Christmas has become so much materialistic than before?  It was supposed to be a time of togetherness, happy times and relaxation with your closest friends and family. Now we just have Christmas shopping frenzy, discounts, vouchers, offers, everybody is just trying to catch a good price on gifts, decorations, food and beverages.. I don't know, it just feels so empty and pointless.

          I remember a while ago, listening to Mariah Carry song "All I want for Christmas", that I was thinking to myself that I don't need anything other than my girlfriend next to me, in front of a fireplace, listening to Christmas carols, watching Home Alone the 20th time, and just not stress.

           Actually I think that is actually what's really changed with time, we stress more and forget that this is a holiday, and the word just means relaxation and good times, laughs and joy. No Shopping, no Christmas presents mania, no money problems, just enjoying ourselves .

                            What do you guys think? Have we stranded too far to go back?

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The color of this feast is blue, but about 20 years in the Coca Cola Company was busy in launching the product, wearing red Santa Claus Coca Cola.
This is to say that the trade has even taken possession of the most important party .. making us forget the meaning of Holy Christmas.

That is an interesting fact I didn't know. Thanks for the info!! So I guess it's all corporate marketing. So Sad :(

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