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Hey world, I am new on here and very interested in making the best of this oppurtunity presented by #steemit. A platform where i can talk about what i want with 100% freedom and still make some cool cash.Only a fool would say no to such an oppurtunity :). This is my first post in relevance to #introduceyourself here on #steemit😁

So back to the question above,in regards to #introduceyourself here on #steemit. My name is Quadri Abdulkabir Olalekan ,i am a Nigerian from the southwestern region in a state called #Oyo_state.I am an indegene of Ibadan,which means i was born and brought up in the city of #Ibadan. The largest city in West Africa.And one that is developing at a very fast rate compared to its surrounding cities. The beautiful and ancient city is home to a lot of amazing and spectacular features.#Palms Mall along Ring-Road in #Ibadan,is the largest Mall in West Africa.And its quite good enough.The first sky scraper #Cocoa_House to be built in Nigeria is also located in this beautiful place.it has a lot more than I can say to offer anyone interested in visiting.

Cocoa house in Ibadan, Courtesy of #Google_images

#Palms_Mall, along Ring Road in Ibadan, Courtesy of #Google_images

#U.I, The first university in Nigeria, also located in Ibadan, Courtesy of #Google_images

I was given birth to in the month of #March in the late parts of the past millenia and century..I am from a family of five,and i have 2 siblings.A beautiful #Mother in every way imagineable, who i will forever be grateful to,a responsible #Father who i love so much..i recently just finished as a graduate in #Chemistry from one of the best universities in Nigeria, #UNILORIN, University Of Ilorin.Here i met with different people,learnt a lot of valuable lessons which i hold dearly.I totally agree that Life is all about learning and also the popular saying that life is a bitch .I try to live my life the way i deem it fit and right to live and not necessarily do things cos i am being told to do so.I like to reason
things out.

Me in my #NYSC uniform at the Orientation camp, in Kusala Dam, Karaye LGA, Kano state

I am currently in a phase of my life in my country,It's called the #NYSC year, It's an acronym for National Youth Service Corp. It's a one year scheme to uphold the unity of the various tribes and cultures in the country,at least thats what we all call it here. When in the real sense, we all know its all just a scheme to syphoon the country's money by certain caste of people :( .Still,it is obligatory at least for every graduate of the country,since most firms and institutions state it as a requirement to get a #job in the country.So i am currently doing my own piece and part of helping the country develop.But tbh,i'd say i am only doing this so i at least have somehing i am indulging myself with.Since there really isnt much to do around yet. :(

Me visiting #Sobi_Hill in #Ilorin, Kwara state in Nigeria

I got posted to serve recently in #KUST i.e Kano University of Science and Technology,in #Wudil Local Government Area,#Kano_state, located in the nothern region of NIGERIA. It has a beautifully decorated and nice central city,but for the surburbs,i'd say they still need a lot of help out here. Most especially in Western Education and generally their awarenesss towards civilization as a whole.All they really do up here is #Farm and #Trade mostly petty things.Other than those, there really isnt much to talk about. The Hausas which occupy here are quite friendly,and they live a easy and comfortable life.But they also need sensitization on health.

I am quite interesting to an extent cos i know i am quite adventurous and willing to try new things out..As we all know #YOLO :) I will be writing on just about anything interesting or important to me on my #blog here on #steemit.And see how things go. Kindly #upvote and #comment on my #posts and i will do the same in return to your posts too.I'll take a break on the #introduceyourself post.I think i've said basically the things that matter for now:) .We can talk in private if you find me interesting enough to want to know more about moi ;) You can reach me via #facebook - Quadri Olalekan, or via Whatsapp - +2347032821293.. Thanks


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