Fuck shitcoins, steemit is dead, Only bitcoin now

in #steemit3 years ago

As the title says. I've lost faith in all shitcoins, alternative PoW schemes and especially the fundamentally defunct Proof of Stake systems. I'll be cashing out to bitcoin and leaving this shitshow. Bye and good luck!


Schmeiß aber nichts weg.
Wenn Du nicht weißt wohin damit, dann schick rüber!
Wünsche Dir viel, viel Glück mit Bitcoin.
Ich habe bisher 87% Verlust gemacht mit meinen Investments.
Kannst Du das toppen?

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Lol😁 Don't expect much about Bitcoin. Crypto trading is a game. Hold tightly your alts and steem or you will cry when alts season coming 🎅

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