‘Steemschools ‘SUNSET at DUSK’ Photography Challenge’, 7 days, 3 sbd, 4th day!

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  • post picture entry!
  • post link in discord under steemschools challenges, https://discord.gg/uuTxHcC
  • post link in my comment to apply daily
  • ask friends to comment your post because, the most comments, wins
  • picture of daily l challenge for you and your friends
  • join discord
  • follow me
  • resteem this post daily for more connection
  • you are welcome to make own invitation link post for this challenge
  • invite all your friends to join us for vote and challenge participation, they should follow me and resteem to make vote valid!
  • Goal is to view beautiful sunset all over the world!

    Thanks for the Participation! God bless!

Discord channel https://discordapp.com/invite/uuTxHcC

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Thank you, Aaron! This is magnificent!

hi aida, where are you from?


Hongkong&Philippines, s0os0o7! Come and join us at SteemSchools at: https://discord.gg/uuTxHcC, see you there, I am Hongkong&Philippines there! Same as where I am from!


thanks my friend.ARE YOU IRANI?