Meeting With the Steemit Community in Aceh

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Steemit members in Aceh are gathering to discuss things about Steemit, maybe this is known as "Meet Up", but this activity almost every night we do, as in my last post and it is a normal thing seen in every coffee shop in Aceh. Friday's Coffee Time - World Steemit Community

But that makes a difference in this meeting, we do not spread the decoration with the Met Up theme. I am incorporated in various communities, from a coffee shop to another. Lol..

Among all of us, nobody's is begging for an upvote between us. we are more sharing knowledge so we can gain new insights about Steemit, science and future design.The meeting was attended by: @@@steem77 (Curator NSC), @kharrazi and @azirgraff ( #indo-STEM curator who was fired), @@@vannour and @teukumukhlis (Not recognized Curator by the community), @irza (Curator candidate) and me @agamsaia (not yet rank) 😇

@kharrazi concludes the conversation with the phrase "No Upvote Here". ha ha ha ha......



@vesteem as Witness


This is a great article, and I agree with the thing discussed in the meeting as written by @agamsaia. I have been looking directly at every @vannour, @azirgraff and @kharrazi meetings with beginner steemian in Lhokseumawe, they always take the time to answer questions from beginner steemian, and also they are willing to guide patiently. Their answers and guidance are very helpful for the beginners of steemian to continue to produce real work on this platform.

One important message from them is, do not ask for upvote, but keep honing your skills and improve the quality of your writing, especially writing articles that contain important information for many people, then upvote will come by itself.

Alhamdulillah, I'm healthy. How about @steem77. I'm glad to see your smile in the picture above. The last time we met at the same coffee shop last month. May you be healthy and successful always. Thanks

Hahahaha ... not upvote here ... i like this comment from Mr @kharrazi ..hahha .. lol .. this night the best duek pakat for me ...

Saya masih pemula ,boleh kah sy bergabung dalam komunitas ,sy domisili Lhokseumawe juga

boleh2 saja... segera hubungi @azirgraff dan berkomentar di akunnya

jika memungkinkan
saya menyarankan anda membuat komunitas sendiri

Bek meunan bahasa agam soal kurator yg di pecat. Beu haloeh bacut Teuk. Khak

Lon seunang na droeneuh bak komennyoe ;p

Kebetulan ka loen jingeuk bak binteh mamam (feed) deuh pulak awak droeneuh. Gara gara bahasa si agam meunan.

Nyan mantoeng lembut meunurot loen, Thanks @agamsaia

Teuma neu akui statement si @agamsaia?

Beusingkat beupadat dan beujelas, na droe jieh ngoen Allah ☺

Members of steemians in Aceh are remarkable, even without the curator staying united and sharing information about writing in steemit, the hope of future users from Aceh will be more advanced and better known in the world.

It's good we like this, moving from one coffee shop to another to find and share knowledge, not the other way around. ✌😄
Great posts @agamsaia

I just found out that @kharrazi and @azirgraff are # indo-STEEM curators.

While kanda @vannour just got face to face in this week.

@agamsaia? ... it is a kop bereh kira aju ... asai na agam, dumpue bereh.

Do not open a secret here..LOL ==> (@azirgraff #indo-STEM curator who was fired), i thinks he was to be independent stemian with strongest power. Hihi.. How do you think @vannour and @kharrazi ? Is right like that ?

I like honest people
I do not like people who babble so what @agamsaia says is an honest sentence
I appreciate it ;)

LOL..don't to be seriously. I told that as a joke...xixixi

you know what?
I love this post
LOL XD too

Interesting discussion, hopefully can be a lesson for beginners, especially for myself to say no on begging, but learn to make a useful article then with his own upvote will come to us, successful greeting 👍

waktu aku di lhokseumawe, bisa kita rapat lagi seperti ini. hahaha
om agam bek tuwoe ikuti balek @zulmasry

Semoga apa yang di rencanakan berjalan lancar.
Sukses terus buat para stemian

Nice veeeerrrrrry veeerrrrrrrrrryyyy nice photo plz help follow me upvote my post

Bereh that goe..

Mantap @agamsaia


Follllow dan upvote jugak @fandemcobra iya

This post looks good first for the continuation of Aceh's steemit community, greetings to all Aceh steemit community

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