Steemit being down caused Bot Voting Issues

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As most of you are aware by now, Steemit was down for hours due to somebody powering down to negative - why that's even possible I don't know. Steemit came around saying your funds are safe, which for the most part is true - I've checked my wallet and the funds are still there. However, those who are transacting during this time like buying votes from bid bots might have been affected.

I certainly have.

I bought bids on the following bots: @upmewhale, and @promobot for the following amount in Steem: 25, and 30 respectively for this post:

I used @yabapmatt's tool SteembotTracker to make the bids. You can see the screenshots of the transfers to the bot accounts below.



Here's the screenshot of the article's votes:

You can see the involved bots(party) hasn't voted and you can see some others like @smartsteem have sucessfully voted. I sent the bids around the same time Steemit went down so I would attribute this as the cause of the issue. I have already sent (via transfers and comments) the notification to the bots mentioned and have not received any response (yet) so that's why I'm writing this post.

For those you made bids around the time before Steemit went down, check your wallet and all your transactions. You might have been affected.

So again @upmewhale, and @promobot - guys, please respond and address the issue. I don't know what's going on or how it's affected your bots but I think a refund is in order.



REMOVED @UPME - refund issued :)

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It wasn't a DDOS Attack. Flagged for excessive rewards and misinfomation. If you are going to vote your post to the top of trending get your story straight. There is no reason to promote this customer support issue to $549.00 (Upvoting my comment for visibility)

exactly @whatsup. this is fud @adonisabril, misinformation The blockchain stopped due to powered down zero SteemPower and is more a div null error that was executed. At no point was there any DDoS attack on steemit or other front ends. You better re-write this article so it has factual information.

"It wasn't a DDOS Attack. Flagged for excessive rewards and misinfomation. If you are going to vote your post to the top of trending get your story straight. There is no reason to promote this customer support issue to $549.00."



If you continue to beg for votes and spam like this, you will start to get flagged. I usually flag this kind of stuff but you appear to be new.

Interact with people normally and you will do fine. Good luck.

But sir help me to


Sir plz


  ·  last year (edited)

Flagging for spreading FUD regarding the issue and for excessive rewards and misinformation.

Point taken and article corrected. The issue remains until I get a refund - none of the bot owners responded so far. Nobody is making a profit here and in fact I'm losing money by writing this post. I'm not promoting to get money I'm doing it so it will be seen and taken seriously.

If you've got issues with bid bots that's a whole discussion for another day. Point is, I paid for a service and didn't receive it. The party involve should respond to the query.

You are spreading bad information and trying to resolve a customer support issue on trending. I don't mind people using promotion bots, but you play high stake games you take high stake risks. You surely don't think this adds value?

Look don't you think I would have rather not written this stupid article to trending? You can look at the history of what I write and upvote to trending - 10 + high quality photos all original and all mine over years of travel. 2-3k word articles from my experiences that unfortunately won't be seen or heard unless I use bots.

Now as for the high stakes statement, I wasn't gambling when I bought the votes and expect to get nothing in return. As outlined from the bot services, the article was supposed to get a vote losing ROI or not. None of the responsible party responded and I have no other means to contact them so I resorted to this.

Is this post just as crap as the other ones on trending making 1k? I would not write crap like this for the sake of being on trending. I have hundreds of content more along the line of my expertise - Travel and photography which is what the article in question I'm having issues with. It should have been the one on trending.

Yeah, someone could make an agrument that the rest of your posts haven't deserved flags. This one does. That's the way it works.

I get your point for flagging and I have no issues with it. I have an issue with paying for a service and not getting that service.

It's called being ripped off and I'm sure you can understand where I'm coming from if it happened to you. You would raise all hell to get justice, here on Steemit there is no other way to do that unless every one else here hears your case.

I'm making my case be heard as they haven't seem to have heard my outreach (bot owners involved).

I do get the point. Be careful who you do business with. It's buyer beware. Best of luck on your refunds.

Normally can be be 24 hours at least before error transfers are corrected more so with recent bot volume uptick and considering the crash you will be lucky if it is worked out in days

great article, thanks for sharing

Here's the actual issue as described by Steemit

I had two paid votes bid on already but not executed.
When i woke up i messaged @yabapmatt and it was refunded for @promobot and @appreciator soon after did the same.

I also messaged @yabapmatt, still waiting on refund.

@tipu seems working ;) tipuvote!

All the bots are working, this is an isolated incident during the time when Steemit went down.

Yes, he upvotet me too

Steemit was kaput from about 10:30pm to
midnight Alaska time.
Nothing lost here that I know of.

I did look on twitter/steemit to see what
folks were saying was going on.

I do hope this gets sorted out for you!

I hope so too

Why aren't there more OFFICIAL manuals/instructions/explanations about the underlying economic mechanism

Great Article. Thanks for Sharing & please follow me

Ahammm @adonisabril I got your point as you clearly told us. Well i think steemit gose down may be that were prob. And now its going up. Steemit have a good working for their costomer to gave them lot of benefit as many people already take advantage.

Informative Artical. Spreading bad Information And Trying to Resolve a Customer Support Issue on Trending.

May be its down for some hours but now its working fine... But yes those who have made bids for their posts may certainly be affected by steemit blockchain frozen.. Now it is working fine. I believe steemit will be the most successful decentralise social media platform in the future.. So thanks for the post ...keep it up !!!!!!

I hope this issue would be resolved

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I allso did buy upvote from
@brupvoter 4sbd, @inciter 4sbd, @oceanwhale 4sbd. Its sucks 😣 You can see on my wallet and profile.

@adonisabril today I faced this issue about 3 hours I can't login my account.

I lost 100 Steem and couldn't log in.

@adonisabril oh now you get them back or not ?

Nope, it's the reason why I wrote this post.

Can we hope that it will start improving from now on

I am not a big bot fan either, it takes away the value of the content.. people with money are trending

I have no issues with bots, I use them. The problem is I gave them money for their service and never received said services. All my means of contacting them has led nowhere so here we are.

The Author has upvoted nearly all of his posts to extreme levels. He isn't mad about the bots he is promoting his own customer service problems.

You got a 49.79% upvote from @postpromoter courtesy of @adonisabril!

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Thanks for informing.

I certainly do not found this offensive or as a fud, its just certainly what pains the heart the mind is reacting to. He wants justice, so he voiced prob with that.
(i'll love to get involved in using these bots too, can anyone put me through? Thanks)

Nyc artical great

Well i am sure steemit team will resolve this issue at the earliest and they would have something in lace so that in future this kind of action is not repeated.

pls do upvote , follow and response, thank u

Glad some one was brave enough to talk about steemits issues that happened. 👍

bots become robots and they will eventually destroy all humans

Its so useful for newbies. Thank you so much for sharing Adonis!
Would you please post an article about how to be successful in Steemit and Dtube?
Appreciate your response. Thank you @mohansampath

gud artcle

Hi adonisabril thanks for sharing such a great information loved it

@adonisabril, Yes dude all most many people are this so dude in future steem secure or not?

Good info

Robots are destruction for human being and boys are destruction for computer network technology

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hello adonisabril sir,I have upvote your blog, your blog is very good, your blog has been explained very well by trike in detail which is very good. Please help me .

Thanks @adonisabril for sharing i am Zubair , am also buying upvotes from bot but some time bot put our post in next round even time and Limits are also ok . hope so every problems solve soon

It's quite informative and well analyzed.

Thanks @adonisabril

  ·  last year (edited)

Nice article :)


when I went to the Steem website yesterday and saw that it was down I FREAKED for a second ... maid me think about how its important to be well diversified

It's very informative post thanks for sharing this Post.

Is Bot voting possible ?

we are fall a victims..and we must change our attitude...and i believe we can move forward...@adonisabril you also use whales to promote your you must make a difference too

Thanks for sharing @adonisabril. I am still waiting for my refund or re-vote from @booster. They had me waiting in the discord channel for 2 days already. Great customer service.

I will probably get blacklisted probably for bringing this up since I am just a minnow here, but I don’t think this is how customer service is supposed to work.

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I gave you a upvote on your post.please give me a follow back and give me upvote in my post and possibly future vote

So... does that mean, um, all of my supporters on here so far are bots?

i want to make it . how to get .... if you want you can help

There's something comically ironic about using bid bots to upvote a post about losing money to bid bots.

No idea if they'll take notice of your complaint here. Pretty much no one reads Trending. Messaging the owners on Discord would've been a better option likely.