ACOM DVT - Dividend Day

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Ladies and gentlemen the day has arrived for all holders of ACOM DVT - yes it's Dividend Day! Today is the day that all ACOM DVT holders get their share of the weekly TRX generated by the ACOM Steemit account. They also get given ACUV tokens with their initial dividend payment as a one off welcoming sweetner and to thank them for investing in ACOM.

ACUV tokens give you upvotes from the ACOM Steemit account which has 130,000 SP powering it and gives a nice healthy upvote to any post. To redeem this token simply access your Steem-Engine account and send to ACOM with the url of the post you wish ACOM to upvote, 1 ACUV = 1 upvote. The next batch of ACUV will be issued in line with the sales of the second batch of 1000 ACOM DVT, which will be listed by ACOM on the market on the 14th May at the earliest.

All TRX payments and ACUV tokens have now been distributed proportionately to all ACOM DVT hodlers

The total amount of Tron generated by the ACOM Steemit account from 29th April - 5th May inclusive, as at 19.30 HRS British time, was 234.90 TRX. This has now been distributed as dividend payments to 13 holders of ACOM DVT directly into your TRON wallets, accessed through your Steemit wallet.

Unfortunately the system wont allow payments of dividends for any person who bought less than 1 ACOM DVT, in which there were two people. Their Steem has been refunded. Minimum ACOM DVT purchase has to be 1 ACOM DVT.

The Top 5 Earners

Rank and NameACOM DVT Holding

TRX and ACUV Payment

1.@atimkaranezi9317641.34 TRX, 8 ACUV
2. @darrenclaxton14032.88 TRX, 7 ACUV
3. @thejollyroger12729.83 TRX, 6 ACUV
4. @imagen10023.49 TRX, 5 ACUV
5. @backdm10023.49 TRX, 5 ACUV

Once again thank you to everyone who has invested in ACOM DVT and enjoy your dividend payments and upvotes.

Some of you may have noticed a small organic market now emerging on Steem-Engine for the ACOM DVT token. We have no problem whatsoever with any natural market developing around ACOM DVT, in fact we expected it given the attractive investment option it offers buyers.

Just to reiterate again that the next batch of ACOM DVT that ACOM will be listing goes on sale on the 14th May at the earliest. We will publish a post when the next batch have gone on sale. Until then keep hodling to earn more and we look forward to the next Dividend Day almost as much as you probably are!

As always if you have any questions or comments feel free to leave a comment below or contact us using are usual channels.

The ACOM Team



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Thanks for the dividend!
I'm really pleased to be a part of the ACOM Community

hello dear friends @acom good afternoon
It is incredible how the days go by quickly, we have reached the first week of receiving the dividend for the investment. Thank you very much for allowing us to grow as investors.

I have received my ACUV tokens to what account should I send to make the vote effective?

Thank you very much for everything, have a beautiful night and a happy rest

Well spotted @jlufer! We have now edited the post to explain how you redeem your ACUV. Simply login to your Steem-Engine account and send the the ACUV to ACOM with the url of your post as the memo, easy.

Everything is done, I have sent the two tokkens and the urls of the post.
Thank you very much for all the support you give us.
I wish you all a splendid night

Hey @jlufer, we have returned one ACUV to you. Please note it is only one post per transaction, thanks. Please re-send to receive the upvote on your other post.

Ok sorry for the inconvenience, thank you very much for the clarification
have a beautiful night

de verdad me alegro por todo lo bueno que ha sido esta primera semana de dividendo para los inversionistas,felicitaciones a todos los beneficiados.saludos y que sigan los éxitos amigo

Saludos es impresionante de que ya los inversores hayan recibido sus dividendos de su inversión.

Espero siga en crecimiento éxito saludos @acom y gracias por su apoyo dios los bendiga y guíe!

Saludos @acom.

Gracias por este gran beneficio, seguiré apoyándolos. Vamos por más.


Hello friend @acom, nice to greet you. What gratifying news for investors. I congratulate you for your work. Happy afternoon