1000 ACOM DVT Released For Sale

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We want to let you guys know that we have just released a further 1000 ACOM DVT onto the marketplace at 2 Steem a piece which are now ready for purchase. So far this token has proven very popular with the initial 1000 sold within four days. If you do want more we suggest you get in early.

We were considering releasing 2000 ACOM DVT but we wanted to stick to our original plan and that was to release the first two listings as batches of 1000. If the latest batch sells out very fast and we consider it appropriate so as not to interfere with the business model we have devised to ensure token holders receive healthy dividends then we might bring forward our third release of ACOM DVT.

For those of you unfamiliar with ACOM DVT it is another token that exists as part of the wider ACOM project but has been exclusively designed for the Steemit platform. For anyone who holds the token they get a daily share of the Tron generated from the ACOM Steemit account, which has 130,000 SP powering it. Dividend payments are made weekly. You can access the market here:


In terms of the ACOM DVT that we list we also throw into the mix 1 ACUV for every 20 bought from us. ACUV is an upvote credit token which will give you a one off full upvote from the ACOM Steemit account. You send the ACUV to the ACOM account on Steem-Engine with the url of your post as the memo, this will trigger the upvote.

If you want to learn more about the ACOM DVT token check out the launch post right here:


The ACOM Team




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Los felicito amigos de @acom por su nuevo lanzamiento de acom DVT . Éxitos amigo y que tenga una buena tarde.

I'm sure this new release will be as successful as the first. Blessings for your project @acom

Hello dear friends @acom good afternoon
Congratulations on this new release, I hope it will be just as successful as the previous one.
so that nothing changes, I was again the first to buy and acquired 40 ACOM DVT
I take this opportunity to wish you many successes and a splendid weekend. Enjoy it very much.

Greetings friends of @acom.

I have already placed the order for 50 more ACOM, with this, I complete my support for this business, hoping that everything will be a success.

Let's move forward.

Hmm, interesting! Unfortunately we can only sell them at the official price of 2 Steem. Someone might fill your order you never know, but if you're not buying from ACOM you don't get the ACUV. But we are watching an organic market emerge with ACOM DVT which is very interesting, good luck!

Now I did it correctly, I thought I had to put the price ratio in dollars, that's why it was not effective, now I have my ACOM.

Thank you for informing.

Friends, what a tempting news, how would you like to be able to invest in DVT. I congratulate you. I wish you an excellent evening.

Dear friends of @acom, how I wish I could make a small investment. I wish you all the success. Goodnight

hola amigos que buena noticia por este grandioso logro