A lot is happening with the Steem blockchain!

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I've been using Steem since February this year.
Since I registered on steemit.com, there were only a few days, that I was not online or posting some blogs. (You can prove this here)
I have invested about 1800 Steem (about 5000 USD) into this cryptocurrency. This is a lot money for me, I'm not one of the big players. (Btw. I have earned more than 500 Steem since then)

(Thanks to @voronoi for this picture)

But why did I do it?
I believe in this technology.
I believe in the people that I met here.
I see a lot of really good folk and busy people bringing their part into this community.
The price of Steem may has fallen in the last month (as every other cryptocurrency also) but the value has risen dramatically.
There are so much new and worthy projects on Steem, for example:

  • fundition.io - a crowdfunding and charity platform
  • utopian.io - a community platform that brings projects and workers together
  • Oracle-D - platform that pays for professional content writers
  • dcomix - a community for comic artists
  • airclinic - a decentralized healthcare system
  • Actifit - a platform where you can earn money with your smartphone moving steps. (Today there was the release of the iphone app).
  • And many more

Most of these platforms/apps/comunities didn't exist a few month ago.
It makes me sad to see, that so few people know of the existance of these cool tools.

I'm only a small fish on this comunity, so my words may not be that trustworthy for you. But here is a statement of a whale, that you should read:

Regards, Achim


Hello Achim, Thanks for sharing those awesome dapps in this post.. For me I joined steem this year in january and although steem has it's own ups and down, I'll never regret joining steemit..

You need to mention the most important project in regards to scientific content in steemit @steemstem hehehe

greetings friend

Good...Thanks for sharing.

I agree with the author, @achimmertens!

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