The gap between rich and poor on steemit

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The gap between rich and poor on steemit.jpg

I would like to start a discussion here about an economical issue on steemit by comparing the accumulated steem power of big accounts compared to the number of people that own a steemit account.

There are more than 1 million accounts on steemit

We have more than 1 million users on steemit (The source of all the numbers in this article come from the post of @arcange - Steemit stats of 26.5.2018. Have a look at it. You can learn a lot about this community!

If we look at the number of accounts per level, We have the following distribution:

Steemit Statistics –accounts.jpg

If you are not familiar with the levels, check this post.

This means that on steemit there are 9'971 accounts that are minnows or above having at least 1'000'000 vests (around 550 steem power). On the other hand there are more than a million accounts that are either inactive or below 1 million vests. I've for example around 440'000 vests - you can check it on -> vesting shares


When you look at the concentration of the steem power, you realise that the 37 whale accounts really dominate the economy on steemit.


Together with the Orca and Dolphins, the cumulative steem power of the big accounts represents 97% of the whole system. These accounts represent only 0.19% of all the accounts on steemit. The economical concetration on steemit is therefore huge and rather growing.

Let's fill the field in between!

I encourage all the people to cumulate steem power now that steem is very low. We need more minnows and dolphins on steemit!


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I suspect that SteemIt has lost a million potential customers as there really is no guidance for new users ... who I guess are in the "Red Fish" category.

It took me three weeks to realize that a single update from a RedFish account would be rounded down and down and not credited to the account I upvoted.


I think that at the moment people need to be really patient and wanting to learn a lot to survive the beginning days on steemit. As you said there is no guide out there that explains it all. After a couple of weeks the courageous see that it is very difficult to progress on steemit. We started about at the same time and I believe it is still a struggle for you too...
Best regards and thanks for stopping by


My suggestion for new users is be to buy some Steem Power; so that their upvotes would be more valuable.

The only real downside I see to that strategy is that newbies are more prone to vote for plagiarized content and spam than seasoned accounts.

This is all very interesting, and somewhat discouraging too.
(At steemd your vesting shares are also shown at the top right.)

I have heard of faucets but don't know much about them, so I thought I'd see what your websites show. I'm interested in Doge so I clicked on the Lemon Doge one but the link goes to Power Litecoin. So I went to the Powerdoge one. So, I have to sign up with faucethub? And then what? Some instructions would be helpful for this newbie!


Hi @donna-metcalfe,
Thank you for your feed-back. You gave me the idea to create a tutorial how you can claim from these faucets. Check-out my video here:

Best regards,

The question is .... How low will it go ?

I been trying to grow my account organically with no purchase of Steem or SBD ... BUT ... withe the low price of STEEM and SBD I am seriously reconsidering that decision.

Any predictions on if the price keeps dropping ?


Hi @rentmoney,
I think there is a kind of bottom line under which the price has never dropped. I think we will soon reach the bottom but you never know. I think the price of steem is strongly linked to btc prices.

It is courageous to try to grow organically on steemit but it is very hard. Even with investing some btc, I have the feeling I don't get anywhere.


Just about every crypto is linked to BTC Price.

I been watching the price of steem closely .. + .15 cents in the last 6 hours or so. I wonder if we hit that bottom ...

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