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I just wrote on the organizational issues this week here there are some comments from others there too.

Seems like a lot of the old timers have given up on having on site organization.

I think it makes a difference too if they want businesses to join like I write about here also this week.

Just some newbie thoughts and ideas.


I'd like to see an idea or 2 specifically, not just links dropped on my page.

I am using this as you can see if you read my post.... as a repository for future / dev use and reference.

Ok, in a nutshell in organization, give users the ability to create places to keep track of their posts by topic and also other users posts by topic. I used train cars as an example in my article. If I see a recipe I want to try later, I have to write it down or it's lost in 24 hours. Freight cars and passenger cars. Similar to Pinterest boards.

If I find an author I like, I want to browse their work for other things I might be interested in, but I can only see their recent work. They may have something awesome from a month ago but I'll never find it.

Or something awesome from 5 mths ago that was undervalued, undercommented on --- you might like this:

This looks like theft. Why did they essentially cut your pay?

If I upvoted that post, what would happen to the money I'm "giving" you? Isn't it created when I upvote?

Who benefits monetarily from the old posts accumulating as Steemit grows?

There is a copyright violation/infringement in here somewhere.

If a post is older than 7 days you cannot reward the post anymore. The money doesn't go anywhere it seems, the money that is attached to the post represents a share of the daily reward pool. I think the 7 day pay period is a good change, and don't think another pay period is necessary, but in the past there were two, one that paid roughly 24 hours after the post, and then one that paid 30 days after the first payout, but the problem I think is that these transactions need to be solved by some kind of limit, and having them limitless won't resolve the pay period and how that looks with the reward pool at the time.

You're right about the money not going anywhere. I just tried to upvote that 5 mo old post and the total did not change, but it looked like it accepted the vote. IDK

The problem I see with indefinite payout is that for a chance at making someone a couple more cents years from now or locking up steem in accounts long dead, we will have to compute another pay cycle for posts after the pay cycle each time someone votes, and then we have content that is new competing with the ever increasing amount of old content.

You make a good point. Perhaps an edit feature so the author can go back and edit for outside monetization like affiliate links as an example. If it's lost on steemit but being found in google search, the author still gets paid, and steemit still wins.

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