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Bible Codes Reveal NASA Discovery is Pre-Messianic Appearance of Nibiru [WATCH]

in steemit •  11 months ago

The recent NASA discovery of the fabled Planet X was accompanied by a parallel revelation from a Bible codes expert who found hidden clues in the Bible that the planet is indeed Nibiru, sent by God as a pre-Messianic warning to the world: repent.

The Bible codes even went so far as to suggest that recent atmospheric and geologic upheavals, such as massive hurricanes and earthquakes, are connected to this discovery.

After years of debunking and denying the existence of Planet X, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) announced two weeks ago that researchers at Caltech had found evidence of a still-unseen ninth planet. The scientists theorized that in order to account for anomalies in the orbits of other smaller objects, a planetary body ten times the size of the Earth must exist. They believe it has a radical elliptical orbit that takes it as far away as 60 billion miles from the sun, requiring 10,000-20,000 Earth years for one complete orbit.


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All that is in the dark shall come into the light. Interesting enough, I first heard about Nibiru 13 yrs ago by a man in the military and he was freaking me out.


Well said!

Hi! I am a robot. I just upvoted you! I found similar content that readers might be interested in:

But they still want to claim nothing to worry about.


The world will continue to pretend everything is okay!

It is a clear sign of the stage we're in!


Very true!

Get ready for the storm!


It's brewing!

Closer we get to the New Kingdom, the closer Nibiru comes into view :)


The skies show all!

Its true!

When will people learn?


Soon, hopefully.

And dullards still believe mankind is the primary reason why the entire planet is seeing record-shattering natural disasters almost daily.


In a spiritual way, I suppose it is.

I'm still waiting to see it in the sky...I know it is on the infrared spectrum, but hopefully, soon enough we will be able to see it!


I think it'll make everyone's heart sink.

More and more are waking up to the fact that this is a real possibility... I look forward to the day when our world governments can no longer hide it.