CN Community minnow support and upvote Project - @hkupvotebot and @lifeisbulltrap 中文區新人支持點贊計劃 @hkupvotebot 及 @lifeisbulltrap登場了!

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Who are we? 我們是誰?

Here we come!! We are @hkupvotebot and @lifeisbulltrap. We are a group of Steemians from Hong Kong, and have been here for around 6 months. While Steemit is growing rapidly, minnow’s posts are often overwhelmed by others, this is why we are here. We can feel your pain and despair, we were once minnows and faced the same frustrations. While helping minnows, we would also hope to bring the CN community to the rest of Steemit.

@hkupvotebot@lifeisbulltrap 登場了!我們是一群來自香港的Steemians,在Steemit大約有6個月的日子。當Steemit發展得越來越好的同時,新人們的文章也越來越不容易被人察覺,這也是我們出現的原因。我們深深明白到新人在Steemit成長之路的苦處和挫折,同時亦希望中文區的伙伴能夠被Steemit世界更多的人發掘、留意。有見及此,我們成立了2個點贊 bot,主力點贊 CN區的新人,讓CN新人得以更快成長,同時也讓更多Steemians欣賞到他們的文章。

Our Team 我們的團隊

Our team currently comprise of 8 members, @thomaskikansha @marylaw @pakyeechan @mcw @wilkinshui @biuiam @linuslee0216 and me @aaronli, we look forward to seeing more Steemians who have similar ideas as we do.

我們的團隊現時有 @thomaskikansha @marylaw @pakyeechan @mcw @wilkinshui @biuiam @linuslee0216 及我 @aaronli,我們期待有更多的朋友加入我們的團隊。

Our Mission 我們的工作

  1. We will pic at least 2 minnows’ post from the CN community for upvote and resteem. (minnows are those with Steem Power less than 300)
  2. We will publish daily reports of the articles that we have upvoted, so that more people could appreciate their quality posts.
  3. We will have a testing period of two weeks.
  1. 我們會每天挑選至少兩篇CN新人的文章點贊,並進行resteem (新人的定義為SP少於300)
  2. 我們會每天發文報告我們點贊了的文章,讓更多人能夠欣賞他們的出色文章
  3. 我們會先做兩個星期的試驗

How to get our attentions 如何才能得到我們的點贊?

  1. Publish outstanding post, there are no topic limitations
  2. At least one of the language being used in the article must be Chinese, with CN as one of the tag
  3. As we are hoping to bring the CN community closer to the world, therefore bilingual post will be considered first.
  1. 撰寫出色的文章,題材不限
  2. 文章語言之一必須為中文,並加上CN為其中一個tag (不必是第一個)
  3. 我們希望CN區的文章能更多的被整個Steemit世界發掘,故雙語文章會優先被考慮

Why we didn’t upvote your post 為什麼你的文章沒有得到點贊

  1. Post quality
    -We will not upvote post with photo only
    -We will not upvote plagiarized post or post without personal opinions
  2. Plagiarized post
    -Once we caught you plagiarizing, we will never upvote you again.
  3. Photo source
    -We understand that a lot of post will include photos from the internet, but if the photos were not properly referenced to its source, we will consider that as photo piracy, and will not upvote.
  1. 文章質素
  2. 抄襲文章
  3. 沒有照片來源的文章


Work harder and get stronger 努力・成長

We are still at testing stage, and things won’t be flawless, so please let us know what we have done well and what we haven’t. Do support us in the CN community so that minnows could grow and benefiting the whole Steemit community!




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nice aaron et al

我是最近才来steemit的 新人,您说的太对了,现在新人文章想得到关注实在是太难了,非常感谢你们为cn区做的一切,希望可以得到您的支持~


Welcome to Steem @aaronli. Feel free to follow me @kanasite and upvote. Cheers :)


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This is such an awesome initiative. what a way to give back to the community.

You can do it.gif


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新人支持。 希望看到更多中文内容。 As a newbie here I think this motion is awesome. Hope to see more good Chinese content in the community.

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awesome, all the best for your comunity project. 😃

good plan. Hope it will be stronger and stronger


初到STEEMIT. 今天獲得第一次的SP. 各位多多指教.

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