Steemit Webcomics Funny Comic Strip Contest Week #3: Win SBD and Have Fun!

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Guess what? It's time for another round of #steemit-webcomics Funny comic strip contest!! Make comics to earn SBD!!!

This contest is targeted for artist and non artist. As long as you can make a cartoon (even stick men are valid), you can enter this contest. The idea is to get some hilarious entries, have fun, support the community and earn some SBD while at it.


  • Make a post of a comic strip you made
  • The comic strip has to follow this contest theme
  • The comic has to be original and made by you
  • Digital and conventional art is valid
  • Use #steemit-webcomics as your first tag
  • Upvote and Resteem this post
  • Comment this post with link to your entry so people can see them
  • The contest is open until Friday, 11:59 PM UTC.

That's it, simple right?

This Week's Theme is: Kids!

Make a funny comic featuring kids. Kids are always fun and they always come up with weird funny stuff. I've done a comic strip about kids not so long ago, you could take a look at that one for inspiration :P


The rewards are simple as well. 3 winners will share SBD raised by this post in the following manner:

1st Place: 15 % SBD raised after payout

2nd Place: 10 % SBD raised after payout

3rd Place: 5 % SBD raised after payout

Guest Judge: 2.5% SBD raised after payout

This means if the post reaches $100, then first place will get 15 SBD, second 10 SBD, third 5 SBD and guest judge will get 2.5 SBD

Last Week's Winners!

Thanks everyone for participating in last week's contest. The winners are

1st Place: @spaceginger for Peppa Pig meets Peenywise comic

2nd Place: @renascence for Buttercup the clown

3rd Place: @lildebbiecakes for an egg and a clown comic

Click on the images to go check their posts.

I will be sending you the payout shortly :D, Congratulations!!

Also I would like to thank @stahlberg for judging last week's contest :D he will also receive his payout shortly.


For this third round of funny comic strip contest I would like to invite @minnowforlife to be a guest judge for this round. As the reward say, he will be given 2.5% of the rewards for his help. If he's unavailable to judge this week (or can't get in contact with me before the deadline of this contest, I'll invite another judge)

Guest judges will be selected by me from the participants of the previous week's contest.

The judge should take in consideration this two factors in the following order:

  • Fun factor: How funny the comic is
  • Art factor: How well drawn the comic is
    Where the fun factor is the most important thing. This encourages people to participate even if they are not great artists.

Again, the goal of this contest is to promote both artists and non artists to make a comic strip and give us some laughter to our day.

That's it everybody. Let me know if you have any suggestions or comments regarding this contest. I really hope this one can take off and become something trendy :D!

Remember, I'm running a Discord server and also a Facebook group with @jonathan-greer, in case you want to join and we can talk about webcomics and even collaborate to make ones.

If you also like to make webcomics or comic strips, you can use the tag #steemit-webcomics

Until next time!

<a href=>![]( </a>

<a href=>![](</a>


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Here’s my entry.

[ Post Here ]

Really cool comic @lildebbiecakes :D! your entry is valid!!! Good luck in the contest :)

This is a wonderful contest @cobmaximus, I hope to see more people entering it.

with the help of you and everyone else that resteems this post, it will start growing in popularity :D!

hahaha I could really hear the choir music in my head xD! Your entry is valid :D! Good luck in the contest

Oooohh. Very interested in joining this. Hopefully I can come up with one before the deadline. :D

:D yes I'm looking forward to see your entry :D so far there hasn't been any entry, so be sure to participate :).

:D! well done my friend! your entry is valid :) Good luck on the contest (btw, next time you can make a separate comment so I can bump it to the top, without being in a thread)

Got it. Will keep that in mind for the next contest.
BTW, I edited my entry a bit. Just added some border and slight changes on the last 2 panels. Hope it's ok.

That's fine :)

Awesome comic :D with added animated effects :D!! Your entry is valid, good luck in the contest :)... And hope you had fun participating in it :)

I did! I really like this contest, even though Im not that experienced in making comics... but I hope the next round would give a lot of ideas too :3

Maybe something like pets? hihi

Oh I like the idea!!! I was kinda blank on what to choose for topic this week xD.... I bet you have tons of ideas with pets :D, now you have the edge for next week lol, but I'll say this: "Ask and thou shalt receive!!" (thunder noise in the background)

Haha pets is a very nice and broad topic, I'm sure a lot of people have ideas for it too.

Uhm... Thank you for accepting my idea?? :D (sweats) Hahaha!

haha no need to thank (or sweat) haha :P. Looking forward to see what you come up with

Yay, congratulations everyone. Kids oh fun! There's a ton of material for that lol

now the gears in your brain have started turning... what to do, what to do?? haha looking forward for your next entry

I have an idea for this one that I can't wait to share! ^^

can't wait to see it :D! just don't miss the deadline :P... and even if you miss it, you can still participate on this weekly contest :)

Hope I made it! I already gave the link to my entry ^^ Thanks

Love the comic :D btw, it's something funny and very relatable strugglefrom when we were kids (well I kinda still struggle with that nowadays haha)

Yup haha the struggle must have been really strong when we were kids compared to nowadays where we have more control.

true, well now sometimes is a matter of, should I work on this to get paid and have something to eat... or should I be lazy af and don't care if I don't get paid lol xD... well maybe not that tragic, but having a sense of higher responsibility does help for control

this is a freaking great contest idea I can't remember the last time I pulled out the graphics tab guess I will have to dust it off and get involved

YES!!! :D! now I'm getting excited to see what comic you'll come up with :D!!

Good for you for creating your own contest. Things like this help foster community here on Steemit. Keep it up!

thanks @chrismccron, yeah I hope this will be good for the comics community

Wow good idea, im sure everyone will enjoy this contest

:) I like to think that as well, is a lot of fun to do comics

Haha thanks man, glad you enjoyed my Peppa comic 😊

I'll absolutely do one for 'Kids'. My own kids are the biggest part of my life so it would be fun to do for sure!

this subject will be very easy for you then haha! looking forward to see your entry

Can't wait to see all the submissions. Great topic and initiative.

It's been lots of fun to run this contest :D be sure to be posted to check the submissions :P

Congrats to the winners! Sure, I'm available for judging.

Awesome, can we talk in the discord server or steemit chat to talk about the details?

This is a great contest. I wish I knew how to draw but this is a good way to encourage the community. My drawings are really bad especially when I try to draw people lol. Anyways this is cool and looking forward to the entries

No need to be a great artist :) you can still enter the contest as long as you follow the rules and have a funny entry, the end art is more of a plus than a must. That's why it encourages people to keep participating and join even if they're not confident about their art :)

NOW u decide on topic ive just posted a comic with my 3 year old niece! Ugh :)

hahaha just ask your niece to do something funny and draw it xD!!!

Excellent idea @cobmaximus
@altruevid you need to participate on this! Tienes que participar en esto

not only @altruevid, you can also participate @chiquibencomo :D!! the more participate the better not just for this week's contest but for future ones. Espero que participes :D!

Yeeh, you're right, but I don't really have the tools for it... I mean a computer etc ... So haha it's okay :) I'll follow you to participate in the future! Muchos Saludos @cobmaximus (:

You don't need them, you can make your entry with just pictures of your comics or better yet scans... Come on it's fun :D ... No se va a arrepentir :P

BTW, I'd like to invite you to be the guest judge on next week's contest. Let me know if you're interested and we can chat of the details on discord or steemitchat

You got a 1.81% upvote from @upmewhale courtesy of @cobmaximus!