Steemit Iron Chef Week #04 Round Up - 23 Valid entries for the 4th week!!! Watch out for the 5th round theme tomorrow!!!

Hello amazing foodies around the world!

Today marks the end of the fourth week of Steemit Iron Chef 2017!

Thank you all for participating and supporting this contest so far!

The last 24 hours I received further 8 new entries making it a total of 23 valid entries in all for this 4th round! If there is more coming before I complete my judging process, I will surely take them into consideration!
Amazing rate of participation again! Wow!

Good luck to everyone who entered this week!

And huge thanks again to everyone, be it the contestants, the supporters and the sponsors!

For this week, there is one lucky contestant who got the attention of the big curators , @curie and @hendrikdegrote, on his post!
Bravo @chefsteve, I am so happy for you!

I hope more of you guys get some nice upvotes for your hard work by the whales out there! Just keep on delivering great contents consistently and also don't forget to engage with the community, this will surely help you do better each time!

Anyway, if you don't get big payouts, you still can win some nice rewards in the contest like SBDs, Whaleshares and Voiceshares!


One of the biggest goals of Steemit Iron Chef is to make everyone participating progress in delivering the finest possible plate in the long run!
I do feel it is working out perfectly as I can see so much progress made by many contestants so far.
I am sure in couple of months, the whole level of SIC will be very high and when you'll look back you will be amazed by your own progression! Mark my words my friends!

To further help those wishing to learn how to make refined plates, I have started sharing some tips on the @steemit-ironchef account. And I can tell you that there are already some contestants using the tips on their entry for this week, which is just great to see!

The first part of tips shared can be found here.

I will be going through all the entries of week 4 and have the judging process activated in the minutes to come! Results will be out this coming Saturday as usual!

And the theme for the fifth week will be out tomorrow!
So please stay tuned for these great infos!!

Before closing this post I want to again thank these awesome veteran steemians who have given me quite a lot of support since I started Steemit Iron Chef. The amount made on my post is very important for the running of Steemit Iron Chef as all the weekly SBD prizes come from my wallet only.

Thank you @canadian-coconut and @donkeypong !

Big thanks to @akrid for the whaleshares sponsor and @voiceshares for the voiceshares sponsor!

I am on the look for more sponsors , oh yes...I really want to get more prizes for you my lovely foodies!!!!

Thank you!

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Can't wait to see who wins!


Difficult time for me choosing the winner! Results will be out on Saturday my friend!

Phase 1: You write but hardly anyone views or likes

Phase 2: You continue writing more, but result is the same, you want views/likes/shares/followers, you start tagging influencers who write more, this is where most people give up, or stay for a long time

Phase 3: You stop writing for likes/views/shares/followers people start to read what you write, people start to follow you

Phase 4: People wait to read what you write, trollers try to discourage you, you either get discouraged or continue to write, views/likes/shares/followers/connection requests/messages shoot up. At some point you may face a writers block here

Phase 5: Trollers vanish & even if they dont, its just you, your writing & those who love reading what you write

Phase 6: Dont know what happens here, probably you become a linkedin influencer

Writing or Living on linkedin is very akin to "Living" or "Working" in life. You can enter from Phase 3 as well. Interestingly your first degree connections dont help much, very few of them like your posts till phase 4. There are no timelines

Where are you stuck?

If you need help pls connect with


Normally I am not like that but let me give you ONE PHASE from my side : Would be great if you can take out this comment here my friend before you get downvoted by myself and my friends and regret afterwards! I have never downvoted anyone before, but please don't make me use it!
Thank you!


I stand with you on this one Chef.


I think all your posts and content are great! I hope to have a good recipe for next weeks theme! Keep up the hard work!


Thanks so much for always being here my friend! I am eagerly looking forward to see you entering the contest!

Cant wait to see the winner and the choice for next week :)


I'm so glad to see you here mate! These 2 days I'll be busy making the judging process as fair as i can and announce the winners on Saturday.
I managed to get some nice rewards for the contestants and I am always looking for more to give them out.


Heck yea, I really like to see these contests grow!

So many amazing entries this week too ... looking forward to next week ...


Absolutely my friend, I think next week we will see even more awesome entries with the pear theme!

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