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RE: Steemit Iron Chef 2018 Act 01 Round 14: Rice Gone Wild

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MMMMMM now I understand why mom also sofrie the rice before putting it to boil for about 3 minutes, only in ascetic, not in butter like you, but I think this gives less chance of sticking and gives ease.
I have loved seeing the different combinations that have been prepared with rice, the most abundant ingredient we have around here, and maybe all over the world.
I was impressed by your work trip to get a rock, that concept has not yet been implemented here but I think that a stone plate should know a lot mmmmm robust, and the diner will feel like he is tasting a modern dish served at the age of stone.
How about if you serve that dish in a cavern, it would be great.
The ingredients I see well that there are also plants in bloom, just like here in fact there are some sprouting shoots of all kinds that many plants, which for lack of knowledge we are not using.
I love your rice, I suppose those combinations of maple, mushrooms and flowers should make it taste spectacular, its appearance and color combination has even whetted my appetite, I am a lover of mushrooms, although only pure mushrooms that we have and pseudofistulina radicata, which we will soon have to enjoy, it occurs to me that the rice would sit well if you use izote flower or yucca, too.
I hope to make a rice like yours just using the next shoots of yam that are beginning to emerge at this time.
thanks for such a beautiful recipe,


We can all be so fancy with eating off of rocks, lol. So modern, so old, haha! Next, I will have to take my stone plate with me when I travel. To a cavern! :D

I'm looking forward to the return of your pseudofistulina radicata! I remember your earlier post about it. I am excited about seeing all of your plants and mushrooms, @galberto. I will definitely try rice with the izote flower this summer. But it is still over 4 months before they will bloom here! :O Happy foraging!