Steemit Iron Chef 2018 Act 02 #04 : Very berry dessert

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VERY BERRY dessert

Raspberry cheese soufflé coated in peanuts; macerated strawberry; blueberry ice cream; roasted pistachio; freeze dried mixed berry and seeds muesli; cranberry jam

I have made this dessert dish today for the steemit iron chef contest, firstly I would like to thank @progressive her for organising this wonder contest.

When ever I think of Berries I think a spongy cake, some type of jam, some dried berries and a smooth velvety ice cream made from berries. The next thing I would think of is " what flavours or ingredients goes well with these sweet and sometimes tart fruit" and the three ingredients instantly appear in my mind. The three ingredients are nuts, chocolate and cheese.

What's in it

Raspberry cheese soufflé coated with crushed peanuts

This element is actually inspired by the classic Japanese cheesecake. The texture expected to feel, is that the cake should be fluffy, airy and when put into your mouth it should melt in your mouth releasing all the lovely sweet raspberry and milky goodness. And not to forget u will get a little crunch for the outer layer which is coated with crushed peanuts.

To make this element I first butter the mold with soften butter and coat a layer of crushed peanut in the mold and refrigerate. For the cake, made Italian meringue by whipping the egg white with sugar syrup at 115c until a stiff peak is formed. Next I add some syrup made by macerating the raspberry in sugar while boiling it. Next incoperate the whipped soften cream cheese into the egg mixture along with a little flour and corn starch mixture.

Mixed dried berries muesli

This would the main crunchy element.

This element is very straight forward. First I made caramel with brown sugar, and once the sugar turns into caramel I then add the pressed oats, pumpkin seeds, freeze dried Craneberry and freeze dried blueberry. To make it more crunchy I dried the mixture in a 150c oven for 20minutes.

White and Dark chocolate sheet

This element will balance out the sweetness by giving the dish a little bitter taste to it. Beside the contribution of the taste it also compliments the berries flavour by adding a layer of milkiness and deep roasted notes which comes from the cocoa. When big into it, the chocolate sheet should give a satisfying snap which is made possible by tempering the chocolate.

The first step is to temper the chocolate while placing a baking tray in the freezer, this will help set the chocolate quicker. Once that step is down, I pimped the melted white chocolate in circles onto a parchment paper that I placed on top of the pre chilled baking tray. Once the White chocolate is set, then I pour a layer of tempered chocolate on top of it and let it set. Lastly I randomly break the sheet into smaller sheet and it's ready to be used.

Macarated strawberry in brandy and coated with wild honey

If you have seen my previous few post you would know that I never serve fruits raw. I believe that by marinating the strawberry in brandy will give a interesting flavour to it as well as giving it a little kick to it. The reason I brush a layer before I plate the dish is mainly for the appealing shine and also to add little sweetness and floral flavour to the strawberry. Strawberry in Malaysia are more towards the sour side then the sweet.

White chocolate mousse

Yes I know I already have a chocolate element in this dish but this element contributes to the dish in a totally different way. Apart from the milky flavour it's there mainly for the smooth creamy mouthfeel.

To make the White chocolate mousse, I simply whip cream and incoperate melded white chocolate into it.

Craneberry jam

This jam will tie the whole dish together. this element should feel smooth , thick and alittle tart when it's in your mouth.

To make the jam, I used frozen Craneberry maim,y because freezing will puncture the cell wall which in this case will help me extract the juice from the Craneberry quicker. Firstly I cooked the Craneberry in sugar on low heat until it's juices is drawn out from the fruit it self, then I added lemon juice. Because I am looking for a clear jam, I pass the mixture over the cheesecloth to remove the solid part. Lastly I added pectin to the liquid part white heating over low heat to thicken the juice by forming a gel like substance. Let it chill and it's ready to be used.

Blueberry ice cream

This will add a pleasent coldness to the dish while giving the dish it's velevety mouthfeel. When it's lands on your touch it should melt and release that refreshing cold blueberry and milky flavour onto your palate.

The ice cream is made by first macerating the blueberry in sugar and reserving its juice. Next is to make creme anglaise with egg yolk, sugar and cream. I reduced the sugar used to make the creme anglaise because I would later add the blueberry juice which is already sweet. Once the creme anglaise thicken I then pour it in a ice cream maker and let it does its thing. Once the ice cream maker starts its cooling and whipping process I then added the blueberry juice. Once done, let it freeze in the freezer until it achieve your desire texture.

Roasted pistachio

This would contributes it's nutty flavour to the dish in whole as well as giving its crunchy texture. The pistachio is roasted in a180c oven for 30 minutes or until slightly browned.

Time for food porn

A Shot from ontop


A close up shot


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So many elements to make this goodness!! Yum! All looks delicious! My favorite would be blueberry ice cream :)

Good luck with the contest!


Thanks for the best wish and ur compliment:)

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Each component on your plate looks so delicious :-)

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Such vibrant and pretty colors. I really enjoy all the different textural components to your dish. Good luck!


Thanks @loveself!!! Always good to get compliments from you

Another masterpiece by the masterchef, simply stunning! Have missed you @alansthoughs;)


Aww, Thanks so much @lizzelle, I'll try to find time to make more dishes

I would love to try that blueberry ice-cream!


I'm sure u can make it :) it's really very straight forward