What Are You Thankful For Today? (June 16) - a Healthy STEEM Distribution Activity

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Thankful for my 15th anniversary with my wife!

Pancakes for breakfast

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

thankful for a bed to sleep in :)

grateful for this sweet breeze today that made the day less hot ^_^

For a new laptop:)

Thanks for an awesome icecram sundae

I'm thankful for the half drunk bottle of red wine which I can finish after a stressful day at the office

For having good sushi with my wife

I am thankful it is Friday!! Have a great weekend Steemians!! ^_^

Today I am thankful for good news received late yesterday evening!

For a decent meal

End of school and upcoming holidays!

safe journey

thankful for a beautiful friday.

Today I am thankful for whole wheat spaghetti and a dry red wine

Good weather.

I'm thankful it is Friday evening!

That I managed to arrive in Podbrdo early enough. Tomorrow morning it is 5 AM wake up time.

I am thankful for my internet connection..

I am thankful for being healthy 😊

I learnt some formatting using markdown and applied it to my blog today 🙂

Red wine.

Thankful for this beautiful life!

I am thankful for the Divine Spark of Light that lives in all normal minds who can discern right from wrong and who won't back down.

I am thankful for the sunshine.
My garden needs it.

Awww my garden needs sunshine too! it's been raining for days now...

following you. :)

Same here! Thank you!

Raising awareness about chemtrails.

for day off

thankful for my mom today! it's her birthday. she would have been 73. ascended into another dimension too soon. miss you mom...salute!!

I am thankful for fish and chips :)

Thankful for health

thankful that this post/ steemit-health keeps me checking my steemit account daily!!

Start of a good weekend.

I am thankful for my life and those that surround me.

I'm thankful for a great dinner with my wife and a good nap

Life, of course...and this really sweet jug of Chardonnay...

thankfull for my chokolate

Thankful for the weekend :)

for the steemit love!

Of my patience

Another nice winters day

I'm thankful for my ability to grow my own food.

Growing plants

Thankful for having a great week!

Thankful for the beauty of the sky :D

Thankful that God is on my side!

A roof over my head.

Today I am thankful for my luck of having my first wine turn out AMAZING!!

Things that go bump in the night.

thankful for beer to drink it :)

Thankful for receiving good news.

Today I am grateful for all the smiles I receive from people on the street.


I am thankful that it's F.r.i.d.a.y!!

for this brewed coffee!

Thankful for having a venue like Steemit for my writing!

The start of the weekend.

for my friends :)

thankful for the weekend

for being alive

For beginning of weekend !

Yelp. ...helped me find someone to fix the A/C! (supposed to be 120 early next week)

Its the weekend

thankfull for my mother

I'm thankful that my sons dog didn't rip my throat out when I took him to the vet.

Thankful that it is Friday!

I'm thankful to see so many familiar faces show up as new people here on Steemit. I'm glad they are here to share in the benefits of this new kind of social media. I think they will all like it here on Steemit!

The rain ~ it is such a welcome relief to the heat we've had :) <3

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I am thankful for receiving a nice back massage from my honey 👌💓💓💓

I am thankful for each day that comes :) I am happy and content!

Thankful for the roof over my head

Thankful for my beautiful girlfriend

I'm thankful for my boyfriend <3

I'm thankful for my great family, who were all waiting anxiously for me to return safely home today after a week of conferencing!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Great post...thankful to my wife to inspire me to get up early morning & jogging ..upvoted

I'm thankful for my family

Got a new twitter account :P

Thankful for the baked beans that i ate this morning for breakfast! :)

I am thankful because today I am getting ready to go on a much deserved vacation!

Thankful for a weekend off! 😊

Thankful for the health of my dog

An upcoming job interview

A warm bed

Beer, coffee cake and other good food.

I am thankful for getting a letter from my son and the package from the Hamburger Saint Project! It was a good mail day :D

Today I am thankful for my wonderful man. Yes, I have crowned him King Butthead - he used to be Duke but he earned his upgrade rapidly ;) he is the veriest bestest fella on this planet and does so much for so many, and is unappreciated by most. But I'm thankful for him every day. He is my Sulit <3

thankful for steemit.

its the weekend!!!!!!!!

thankful for nice stuff I eat yesterday.

Thankful for goats.

I am thankful for holidays getting closer.

living close to the lake

I'm thankful for this amazing day

thankful to life:)

For the local farmers who delivered me a box of organic produce.

Good films

for meeting old friends

When I went to send the report to my boss this morning of the opt outs from a aBlast that was supposed to deploy at 5am, the eBlast never deployed for some reason!!!! I'm Thankful my boss is awesome and didn't get mad. I was able to deploy the email late, and still send at report by 7:30!

Today I'm thankful for @steemit-health, these daily posts really do help!

Thankful for awesome colleagues :)