Halloween Makeup Video Tutorial Contest: 500 Steem for 1st Place

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So, due to the low engagement for the Male Makeup Video Tutorial, the contest has morphed into a Halloween Makeup Video Tutorial Contest. Open to all submissions. Here's the general info:

First Prize Male And Female: 250 Steem

Second Prize Male And Female: 125 Steem

Third Prize Male and Female: 75 Steem

What To Do:

  1. Create a YouTube video Halloween makeup tutorial and upload to YouTube.
  2. Submit your video link or post to the public channel, #StellasContests in Steemit Chat.
  3. Make a Steemit post in order to announce your video entry. Put a link in your Steemit post to this one so people understand the rules, prizes, etc.
  4. I'm the only judge and I'll choose the winners based on my subjective feelings. If you make me laugh hard, your chances of winning are good. So, what am I looking for? Absurdity, humor, or raw talent. If you're just insane, your chances look pretty good too. Novices are encouraged to enter. If you have no idea what you're doing, you could still win.
    Deadline: October 31, 2016 midnight.

Check out this post for updated info and current entries:

So, far there has been only one entry!

Let's see what you will create.

If you want to learn how to be both creepy and insane, watch my makeup tutorial I made when my Steemit account got hacked:

image source: pixabay

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Wow! That's very generous of you Stella! I'll might take a chance!


yes you should!

This looks fun, and I have a few ideas. I might make this a family project :D


please go for it!


we will be the kids are already planning..it looks like we will be going down the crazy route.

Hopefully some promotion will get this some more attention.


yeah, @ned just voted for it....yay!



I did it! It's posted on your chat channel and I'm posting this here and on your reminder post. Enjoy. It was a lot of fun putting together. :)

2016 Halloween Makeup Tutorial Contest Submission - my apologies to KISS Nation by @merej99

So now my entry is completely redundant. That sucks.

If anyone wants to laugh at some crazy, here's a link to my entry (beforee the rules were changed):


No it's not redundant. There were no entries coming in so I had to enlarge the concept a bit.


this is the first entry done by @logic


I feel like @logic should just get all the rewards. I wish I had the energy to go to the store and buy makeup but Steemit is wearing me down. It is a risk reward thing. I might spend money and 5 hours and my post will make $0.36. It has gotten that way with all my stuff. I think it is an awesome contest idea but I'm the most stubborn person I know and my days on Steemit could be very limited at this point.


@brianphobos I don't think the rules state you have to use make up products to enter, just be careful not to use anything that will turn your skin purple for the next week. :D
I do hope you stick about here, I don't get time to read all your posts but i do enjoy the ones I get to.


do what you feel is fun. That's what I attempt to do...


yup @brianphobos - what @stellabelle said.
My 90 days post stated I have NO expectations. It keeps me happy and humble for the bit I do earn.

With high rewards you would think there would be more comments and entries! all the steemit hate talk is following you @stellabelle and you still keep making engaging posts commitment!

Ha ha blue is back baby very funny video @stellabelle !

excellent post congratulations, success in the contest

....due to the low engagement for the Halloween Makeup Video Tutorial Contest this competition has been morphed into the Best Steemit Santa outfit competition ;)...ad infinitum...Ha ha!

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Hey, thanks @ned for giving my Halloween Makeup Tutorial Video Contest some visibility. I do appreciate that.

Upvoted just to help promote this contest. I can't wait to see some of the creations. Good job with this one, @stellabelle!