Halloween Makeup Tutorial Video Entries So Far: Male and Female Categories, Community Feedback Needed

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This was my makeup for a costume a few years ago.

As you know, I first created a contest for Male Makeup Tutorial videos.

Well, I only received 2 entries, one from @logic and one from @senseiteekay. So, I changed it to a Halloween Makeup Tutorial video contest and now there are a total of 5 entries. Please put a link in the comments below to your video if I have not seen it yet. These 5 are the only ones I'm aware of.

Well, it's been brought to my attention that changing the contest is not fair, so I would like to get community feedback for changing it to winners for male and female categories. My idea to rectify this is to have 3 male winners and 3 female winners, so a male category and a female category would be added. My only issue is that I had planned to use 1000 Steem in total for this contest from my own money. So, here's what seems fair, since the original turnout was low for the male makeup tutorial, and I had to change it to a Halloween Makeup Tutorial contest, to get more entries.

Here's the proposed changes:

1st place male: 250 Steem
2nd place male: 125 Steem
3rd place male: 75 Steem

1st place female: 250 Steem
2nd place female: 125 Steem
3rd place female: 75 Steem

And everyone who submits a video entry who doesn't win the top 3 spots, gets 10 Steem.

I would like to hear your feedback on this change. I'm open to what anyone thinks is a fair and good solution.

Here are the entries so far:




What do you think so far? What do you think of the proposed changes?

The deadline is 12 midnight tonight, so make sure and reply, adding your video link to this post if you have an entry. Also, add your video link to the steemit.chat too. My channel in there is #StellasContests.

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I'm not sure if "dirt-face" is a valid halloween costume haha! My entry was a rip on male makeup tutorials, but I'm sure y'all can have a giggle at my tremendous stupidity anyways.


(Thanks for continuing to support the community @stellabelle <3)


Hey, it's great to see weird stuff on here, and yours definitely fits that!

VERIFIED!!! @stellabelle DOES pay out on her contests! :D

All great videos so far! I enjoyed and up voted each one. Thanks for the fun contest!


I hope we get more by the end of the night!

I think that it would be the best to reward everyone equally the same, as everyone is worth their effort. Everyone deserves the same rewards regardless of the gender. These were not lazy posts but really cool stuff. The idea of beauty/art/whats interesting is subjective, so it should be judged by the amount of honest work put into it not these subjective categories.
Everyone did what they can in their own way. Everyone seem to have put a lot of work. Competition does not bring the best from us. It tends to bring the worst. Cooperation, sharing and altruism do bring the best 🙂
If I deserve any reward, I'm happy to have my reward lowered to share with other contestants so we all get the same.
Just an idea.


"Cooperation, sharing and altruism" Yeah, cooperation is good


Oh, what an excellent idea! I will consider it for sure!

check with the folks that have already submitted and see what they say...it doesn't matter whether someone that has no skin in the game thinks it's fair or unfair.

btw, those are some good vids!


Yes, I talked with @sweetsssj and she has agreed that it's better to have 2 categories for male and female, and spread the rewards around.......


It really works out if there are less contestants than prizes ;>

But maybe a little disappointing for you...I ran 3 Halloween contests and had two contestants, who both had really good stories. I was a little disappointed in the participation level.

At the same time, I am hoping you are just enjoying running the contest!


the parody one is good too.....absurd but interesting.
This is going to be hard to decide! There's only 2 male entries so far as I know...

haha! If I recall, this is your contest and you can do whatever the heck you like. Any way you look at it, there are generous prizes. @logic made an excellent point. They all, mine included, probably took at least 20 minutes of makeup and x amount of time for video editing, so I think the caliber of work is pretty equal. If it was me, I'd throw them all in the randomizer and let it pick 1,2 and 3.
Hopefully more people get a submission in before the deadline!
Good luck all. I personally had a lot of fun doing this challenge...and the look on my husband's face was priceless...especially when I asked him what it was like being married to God of Thunder. HAHAHAAAAA


I think that it would be far for merej if you rewarded each one of us equally with the same reward.
After you invited "sweetsssj" to add her makeup post to your contest, the chances for the ladies have gone down quite sharply. She is obviously very well skilled in makeup and has got major support from most of whales and their bots with every post (similar to "soldier"). Unless you find the way to only count the votes which are not from whales and bots (users with more than 60 rep, less than 20k SP and active on Steemit with their posts). If you use amount of votes as point of reference to pick the winner, the contest becomes rigged. Minnows like merej stand little chance with whale supported/favoured ladies.

For male, glad to see @logic

For female, glad to see @sweetsssj

some great entries

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