6th Steemit Austria MeetUp Vienna January 21: HOTHOTHOT & LOVE WINS...always

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Digital Nomadism


Could Steemit Austria become the New Nest for Digital Nomadism, the Homebase, where you gather your insider knowledge you'd never get when researching in front of your screen for hours? I wish my colleagues good luck and we will proceed with our insider discussions soon ;)


Magic Moments


Thank you @nicoletta for these wonderful magic moments, for creating and organizing these wonderful settings and of course the helping hand @flurgx. Thanks to every whale and babywhale, every professional and newbie, every past-preserver and future forward-looker....Thanks to all further participants:

@vasil-danev @sciencevienna @artpoet @theodora.austria @brickster @reiseamateur @wunderland @melange @manncpt @adversarius @reconnectnature @stayoutoftherz @jnmarteau @komischername @vikisecrets @shlomit @gexi @bella-volen-art @gric @leoplaw @thermoplastic @street.yoga @smallstepschange @smartcoins @theaustrianguy @mundharmonika @martinamartini @lianaakobian @mammasitta @yourmate


Love always wins



Yours Cryptolover Undercover aka @sciencevienna


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Other Posts / Other Perspectives

All further dates for 2018

Full Steem ahead!

Just Smile ;)

Secrets in German

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Another familiar face, you reminded me of Edward Norton when I saw you at the meetup :)

Hahah thanks heard it so often :D

He's so cute 😉


Maybe they introduce the sweet deer filter some time on steemit, then he will be even cuter, like bambi :)

So so true!!

Forgot how good of an actor he actually is, american history x, fight club, the score, have too watch that movie too!

„Get a fucking job“! Hahha

Thats a line in that awesome clip :)

#steemit-austria i hope we will get more and more with every next meet-up !
@sciencevienna you had the best tie :D #baby-whales

YAY <3 #baby-whales <3

Quote by Mitch Albom: “Love wins, love always wins.”

Love always wins, doesn't it ;)?!

Lovely, isn't it !!!

Yes! Indeed!


Oh coole Animation von oben, wusste gar nicht, dass es oben auch noch Plätze gibt ;)

Diesmal gibt's keine Teilung der Rewards, ne? Würde auch keinen Sinn machen bei so viel Teilnehmern! 😉 leider nicht zum quatschen gekommen wir 2, aber schau doch mal auf Sola vorbei, wenn du dich schon angemeldet hast 🙂

Yes du hast es erkannt ;) CU in the sola system :P

You're so nice for commenting on this post. For that, I gave you a vote! I just ask for a Follow in return!

Hey, I just found your posting about the Meetup. Was nice to meet you, you were - without doubt - the most well-dressed participant of the meetup. ;)

Hahaha THANKS ;)

war wieder sehr cool und ich hatte viele interessante Gespräche mit netten Steemians :)

Very interesting post I like that

One comment on my blog one vote for you

Thanks to you too, for giving us a wonderful post keep it hot always. Pls do find out time to visit my blog.

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Thank you for sharing the smile! ;)

You're welcome ;)

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