[Armenia + Iran trip Vlog] #19 Back in Tehran II (final vlog)

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Happy thanksgiving, fellow American Steemians!

I've received some happy thanksgiving Facebook messages from my American friends although this is not really something we celebrate either in Europe, back home in China, or here in Iran. I went to one of the big bazaars in Tehran, Tajrich Bazaar. I didn't get myself anything special from the blackfriday of course but did receive some free snacks in the bazaar.

I haven't planned something special to do during my last couple days in Tehran. It is also difficult to plan any activities in Tehran because of the traffic. After stuck in Tehran's traffic for more than one hour, almost missing the opening hour of Sa'dabad Complex to the north of the city, I decided I'd better just spend my time in the center.

Tehran is a cool city after all. It has a great museum of contemporary art, many nice cafes and the most amazing museum I've ever seen in my life - the national jewelry museum (Photography was forbidden, you will have to come to Tehran for this). It is great to end the trip in the city.

Iran is a great country. Although my stay here is not so long, but I got so touched by the warm-hearted Iranians. I'd like to recommend everyone to visit this country. I'll share more details of my trip very soon, hopefully to get more and more people interested in this beautiful country.

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Happy thanksgiving @joythewanderer yea its a american celebration, wow I bet the national jewellery museum must of been beautiful ?? The food in the video looked yummie, those cakes.


I know, the cakes! I loved desserts.

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I love steem is the best I've seen. I know that in a few years it will be the best or one of the best platforms in the world of virtual currencies. up steem.

Hey that’s awesome that you went to Armenia 🇦🇲. Im Armenian myself currently living in the states. What did you think and what made you decide to go to Armenia?


Mainly because the ticket was cheaper via Armenia. I loved it in the end. Especially the people and desserts.

Happy Thanksgiving to you to Joy! enjoy the super fun trip you are on


Happy Thanksgiving to you too, Haas!

Amazing photo, keep up the good work!
Thats interesting. Thank you for sharing.
upvote back please

final vblog?


of this trip :D

Thanks for these vlogs Joy. I've enjoyed seeing Iran. It's definitely a country that intrigues me.

excellent photo excellent place would like to visit Armenian some day and to know a little more

Thanks for taking us through your wonderful journey!


Thanks :D :D I'm glad you guys like Iran.

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Wow i really love your post about Teheran @joythewanderer. Your video is so cool - I love the part with your selfmade food :)

Thank you for sharing this with us!!! Did you like your trip? how many times have you been to Iran already?

I've just been in Iran for 3 weeks this summer and I loved it! The people are so nice and welcoming!! It was such a great experience and I am definetly planning on posting some pictures and stories about my trip on my steem soon again. If you are interested check out my first story on the iranian food, which is ohhh soo yummy then here is the link:


let me know what you think about it!!! I loved it and would recommend everyone to visit this great country sometime soon!!!


Thanks for coming by and commenting, skitems.

I like your post about Iran. Keep on posting :D I'm looking forward to see more.

經過你的介紹 , 突然覺得好像也沒有那樣的危險了 XD


对,大部分人都很友好,基本上一点都不危险 XD


原來啊~~ 都被汙名化了~