Daily Steemit Report - [2018-09-25]

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Good Morning!

I am a @Atombot, and Today I give information on different topics!

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Today Top 25 Trending Posts:

1steemfiestaBienvenido/Welcome a/to SteemFiesta en/in Lima, Peru - Oct 9-13 2018744.107 $
2zakuBdvoter rules update and 🆕Discord command tutorial331.280 $
3najohYang Lin’s talk at the NULS Korea conference + NULS Special Bounty 200 NULS giveaway !526.587 $
4actnearnRule Change for Upvote weight by ActnEarn - please read carefully, act, and get 100% upvote by ActnEarn584.354 $
5mahsumakbasBalkanlar turu: Mostar - Tarih, doğa ve savaş362.517 $
6bitfVote on The BitF Exchange Poll on Twitter 🐦296.834 $
7dahaz159WeYouMe: State of the Network #25 | Discord at 1PM UTC 2018-9-23514.165 $
8steemitgoldminerFinally ready: STEEMITGOLDMINER : Delegate and earn upvotes by playing games!!!!!!!!!!!!389.754 $
9littleboyWhy I don’t think it is a good idea to buy Ripple now660.229 $
10transistoThe Baltic Honeybadger 2018 conference. Day 1 and 2 broadcasts397.926 $
11minnowboosterThe State of Minnowbooster, September update171.281 $
12apon6431Sadcasm:#269 | Can I just be a little kid again?150.099 $
13blockchain.newsFirst Ever Educational Blockchain Week - SFBW554.304 $
14icosandwhichNeed More Crypto? Stop Wasting Your Time With Faucets260.932 $
15wildtraderWill EOS Kill Ethereum? Part I262.614 $
16chbartistMy First Big Mistake - Being Careful With Missteps, Knowing Your Lack of Experience.204.791 $
17majes.tytytyVocab-ability–176 (pet, petit = seek, ask) – A More Powerful Vocabulary (earn UpVotes with “Vocab Practice” exercise)184.771 $
18smartsteemGrowing Smart with Smartsteem: HF20 Special Edition166.279 $
19progressivechefHUMILIATION AT WORK : Your views and advice are very much needed my friends!251.169 $
20cryptonomics1Losing half a mill and staying cool - Luis Fernando Mises (video/podcast)161.552 $
21lasseehlersThe bear market, how to deal with it?248.671 $
22somenathsenMake $$$ While Searching On Google??148.998 $
23funditionFundition is just beginning491.520 $
24kingscrownFinally My Free Ebook - Crypto Income Guide - Is Out!201.591 $
25steem-bountyNew Voting Service by Steem-Bounty411.337 $


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Delhi, IN27°CLondon, GB14.4°C
Los Angeles, US17.7°CMadrid, ES23.8°C
Mexico City, MX13.3°CMoscow, RU8.3°C
New York, US14°CParis, FR14.4°C
Rio de Janeiro, BR23.8°CSeoul, KR19.7°C
Shanghai, CN23.5°CTokyo, JP20.7°C
Warsaw, PL12°CWashington, US19.8°C


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