How steem has impacted my life - Short story.

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How steem has impacted my life? hello steemians, this post is part of the iniciative of @theycallmedan found Here so lets write about my time in steemit.

I joined in june 2017 when @freddbrito told me that I could earn money by sharing stories, photographies and drawings. At first I was very skeptical about making money of internet but I gave it a try, I start by sharing a short story of my fight with cancer when I was 18 years old and soon after that started sharing my drawings that were very well received by the community.

By the time I got my first payout I couldn´t believed it, I made money by posting my drawings on a social media, I decided to work ful time as a content creator for steem for two years straight. I made so many friends and was going so very good with my financials that could not believe it.

I could buy things I always dreamed of but could not because they were to expensive for me to buy with regular jobs, I could and still can help my family with my drawings and photographies ans can let my creativity flow, right now, Thanks to this platform and some other investment I could finally achieved another dream that was having a rock n´roll bar, @dublinmusicbar I post regular presentations of groups and solo players, am still enjoying my time in steemit and pretend to keep on going as long as this project is still onborad, I have so much to thanks to a lot of people in here that I would not finished writing this post, so, for all of you that have helped me in any way or another, THANKS, This platform and its users are amazing.

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