How has Steem impacted my life - The Journey So Far.

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Seeing this contest @theycallmedan reminds me of lots of contest I've done here over and over again. All of them asking what brought us here, why we are still here, would you leave Steem if its value later come so low as to being useless (this kind of questions pops up frequently during the devilishly dip era,🤒🤒😢) A lot of very good steemians left then too. Many questions pops up.

But today, the question is coming in another dimension which is How Has Steem Impacted Your Life?. And the answers are all around me. Steem has affected me in lots and lots of ways. No project, platform, business or strategy has given me all that I ever needed all in one single place like #steemit.


How I Became A Steemian

@cryptoskate introduced me to Steemit in 2017, pestered and beg me to join the platform because of my writing skill. I said no to him because I was fully into my organic vegetable farming then, but created an account then too which I lost the password less than a week after opening it. In January, I opened another account under the name @botefarm and my journey to financial freedom and a window of opportunities to see different tribes, races and tongues all converge on a single ground to discuss one single thing: Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Steem and so on. Not too long I became engulf in this new world.

After That.

I started looking for means to interact more with different communities, through #contest and commenting, I easily became known in some circles.

@jayna #fiftywords contest
@felixgarciap poetry #zapfic contest
@jaynie then came up with something too, before it became the powerhouse creative stuff.
@kimi everyday writing and most especially the most consistent everyday Freewrite ever on steemit by @mariannewest

The Journey Began

All this got me engage and helped to horn my writing skills which have been dying since. I met more writers, curators and poets who are very outstanding in there works, steemians like @dante31 who was a @curie curator then. @chinyerevivian @zyzymena who really helped me in no small way from the Nigerian front.

A lot of friends were made from the #freewrite house who didn't let my gift go down the drain, each day correction was well taken care off and I got better with time.

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What I Have Become Now. -- How Has Steem Impacted My Life?

I've become a steady writer with more additional crypto senses, aside from writing for #sportstalk everyday here.

  • I became financially independent, I don't really ask for money anymore from anyone, I already know my way through many #crpto platform that be. Know them enough to know where to go per time and pluck money from🤩.
  • I've developed a high sense of crypto investment, these days anytime I have some amount of money the next thing to buy are coins/tribes token, I don't care if it's volatile or not, I don't even care about dump or pump. Presently I have more than 800,000+ sport staked,30,000+ dlike, 6,000+ jahm tokens, 2,000+ creativecoin, 1,500+ Lassecash, 2,000+ dblog and more more little little token here and there. A good number of them were bought, and am still going to buy more,and keep on staking them.
  • I've been able to see the world in another dimension through the eyes of Steemians from another point of view. While interacting or reading post made by some steemians from another country. People like @rosatravel etc.
  • Steem has opened me up to so many other platform like @bearshares @whalesharee @publix0x etc. And my life has changed for the best.
  • I've been fully empowered by #steem To be sincere, not only in sharpening my writing skills, but also in additional source of income. With Steem I can feed myself, this was so apparent last year and two years ago when I don't have a job. All I was doing was Steem blogging and the amount I was making from it was enough to feed me and buy me some basic amenities.


Comparing Steem With Other Platform.

I remembered what someone (A Steemit Witness) said on discord late last year about Steem. He said "No platform has been battle tested and still standing like Steem" and the statement is true, when you look at dieing or dead platfroms like Whaleshares and the like. A good number of them are gone and gone for good. Never to see the light of day. Despite the fact that #steem was said by @ned that it's an experimental thing, this specimen or experiment has birth one of the largest, if not the largest and the most consistent crypto blogging platform on the web.



The above is my entry into How Has Steem Impacted Your Life?.

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