Sore back? Check out these natural back pain remedies

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If you sit at a keyboard "too long", you might know how debilitating back aches can be. They seem to creep up while we're doing something else. Then we notice the back ache. We put up with it for a while... a long while if you're like me. Getting to the point where I'm ready to do something about it can be a slow process.


Take heart. Natural Remedies for Back Pain outlines a range of natural solutions. And it's cheap as chips, as they say. This material is designed for health bloggers to share via their websites but it's just as handy for the guy or gal with the sore back. Check it out via the link above, which btw is my affiliate link, meaning I will earn a small fortune if you buy it. LOL.

"Natural Remedies" includes symptoms of back pain + causes + videos + articles on various techniques + exercises for BOTH preventing and healing back pain.


Thanks, @garyharvey!

LOVE how this one is short and easy to digest. I'm going to be following your example. ;) Upvoted.

Long replies are good.

Short replies are good too.

I think a mix is a realistic best option. For me, at least.

On all my new posts, @angelacs, you'll see a STRATEGY section in the footer. Inspired by your recent loooooong post.

This looks like a great package of information for such a common ailment.

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