Tesi 3D Naked - Bimota's 1078cc, 6 speed racer bike

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Tesi 3D Naked

Bimota's 1078cc, 6 speed racer bike



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Introducing "Bimota Tesi 3D Naked" is 1078cc, 6 speed racer bike. Tesi 3D Naked is a fully new concept racing motorcycle. The L-Twin engine with two cylinders with 1078cc bore provides efficient drive which you desire. So in my opinion Tesi 3D Naked is a masterpiece of mechanical engineering. This master bike features oil & air for cooling system to improve its efficiency.

Other features include the two 320mm front discs with radial and overturned calipers, the double front and rear mono-shock absorber and all the CNC aluminum parts, from the mainframe to the details such as the steering supports and the footpegs.


  1. Displacement: 1078cc
  2. Engine type: L-Twin
  3. Gear box: 6 speed
  4. Bore × Stroke: 98 × 71.5 mm
  5. Rake angle: 23°
  6. Weight: 167 kg
  7. Dry clitch




Hunter: @zohaib336


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  • Pros.

1078 CC

Powerful engine..

Elegant design.

cheap price.

  • Cons.


Very outstanding design and beautiful bikeinvention.its all features are impressive and new.great hunt.


  1. Displacement: 1078ccEngine 2. type: L-TwinGear box: 6 3. speedBore × Stroke: 98 × 71.5 mm
    Great design. Great hunt

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Tesi 3D Naked is a shocking concept of the motorcycle. It is an emotion that gets into the soul from the first moments of driving.

An experience never to be forgotten. The heart of the project is the revolutionary forecarriage where steering and suspension act separately.

The solution of the innovative forecarriage conceived by Bimota in the early Eighties, has at the base the idea of reducing almost to zero all the load transfers during braking. Entering in turns is faster and more accurate while at high speed and in the egress the Tesi 3D Naked keeps the trajectory set by the rider.


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