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I am writing about Steemhunt which one of the Dapp build on the Top of Steem Blockchain. Well, there are so many platforms (dapps) i have seen that are doing well. But the steemhunt platform has impressed me quite well. And that's why I'm playing infuencer role on steemhunt. Steemhunt is good as hunting cool products/Technology. This can helps to increase your knowledge by getting some great rewards. Steemhut has achieved a lot of success in a very short time. Estimate that Steemhunt completed its target on daybit in a very short time and HUNT reached 1.2 Million of Volume on Daybit exchange in just very short time. Currently Steemhunt is fastest growing dApp and their team is working hard to get it listed on various exchange.

Here is my login proof

*Thank you all for reading my opinion*
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