EARTHCRUISER GZL - Pop-up Truck Camper

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Pop-up Truck Camper



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Hunter's comment

Got a truck and feel like going camping? This truck bed camper has it all!

Solar systems Zamp 2 x 100 watt
Power inverter 600 watt
House battery 90 amp
Camper battery system wiring and separator
Fridge/Freezer 1.5 cubic feet
Fresh water tank 22 gallons
Grey water tank 9 gallons
Water heater 2.6 gallons (10 liter)
Propane cooktop 2 burner
Propane tank 3 gallon
Awning 55″ x 78″



Hunter: @z8teyb289qav9z

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Hi @z8teyb289qav9z,

Thanks for yet another hunt. I’ve reviewed and approved it. The hunt is on.

It's like maximizing space efficiency. Except for the shower, everything seems possible.

Great solution for campers. You dont need a caravan cause this will fill all your needs. It has water tank and electricity and uses solay system. Thanks for this great hunt

Hello @z8teyb289qav9z,
Here is my review about EARTHCRUISER GZL


  • Wonderful design with massive luxurious facilities
  • Specially manufactured to enjoy the bestest camping
  • Available with House battery of 90 amp with camper battery system wiring and separator that actually allows the freedom of path
  • Can store the huge amount of water up to tank 22 gallons
  • Provides the Fridge/Freezer 1.5 cubic feet to restore the food and other organic products
  • Not at all much complexities are involved


  • Did not find for it

Such a safe and very secure vehicle to move into the dangerous places specifically in jungles. Great hunt :)

They designed an ideal car for hunting and safari lovers. They installed everything necessary for camping in the car's cabin. There is even a sink and a table. The height is adjustable. I think it's a very good hunt. Congratulations.

This is a great hunt.
It is good to read about EARTHCRUISER GZL
It is amazing that it has Fridge/Freezer that is about 1.5 cubic feet.

Keep hunting.

Hi @z8teyb289qav9z,

Lovely Features of "EARTHCRUISER GZL"

In this truck feeling like going camping.This truck bed camper has all facilities and these are some interesting features.

● Solar systems Zamp.
● Power inverter.
● House battery.
● Camper battery system wiring and separator.
● Fridge or Freezer.
● Fresh water tank.
● Water heater.
● Propane cooktop.

Awesome man !!

EARTHCRUISER GZL a great hunt. It is very surprising that almost all the facilities are available in the Truck Camper.

Interesting features.

Solar systems
Power inverter
House battery
Camper battery system
Fresh water tank
Grey water tank
Water heater
Propane cooktop
Propane tank

Awesome hunt! best of luck

beautiful & amazing truck really i like

This is cool!! Cozy & equipped with everything you need for the camping!

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Waaooo it's looking so nice.