XOSS G+ - Cost-effective GPS Cycling Computer

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Cost-effective GPS Cycling Computer



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XOSS G+ upgrades on the wired cycling computers with the latest breakthrough in GPS technology that tracks each and every moment accurately and precisely. It is easy to install and offers a seamless user experience.

XOSS G+ is a cycling computer for cycling enthusiasts. It connects to four satellite positioning systems(GPS, BEIDOU, GLONASS, and GALILEO) to ensure that it is always tracking. It also measures heart rate of cyclist.





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I love this tool! GPS is very important when you are on the road, it can save your life in some cases and in other cases can save you from a lot of trouble. Monitoring your performance is also key. I love that it connects to four satellite positioning systems, this gives you safety. There's nothing more frustrating than having a device that is not working.
I see the price is accessible as well. Nice hunt.

I like the simplicity and ease of use this item provides. It has a very compact and good looking design as well. Nice!

This is perfect for cyclist who explore new territories and need to have a computer to navigate. Great hunt