The Battle Cats - Command Your Cats and Rampage Across the World

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The Battle Cats

Command Your Cats and Rampage Across the World



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Humankind has fallen. The time of THE BATTLE CATS is here! Command an army of weirdly cute Cats and rampage across the world!
Hundreds of unique Cat units to collect and develop! Learn to play in seconds, then enjoy hours of deep strategy!

I love this game...It's pretty simple yet challenging. Super easy to learn and play.
Every battles is quite fun and well-made. It is just as simple as hosing the cats you want to send into the battle, yet strategies are needed to overcome those battles.
What is love most about this game is it's quite casual and perfect for people of all ages.
"Doesn't matter whether you are a child or a grandpa , The Battle Cats are going to engulf you in their charm"



Hunter: @xabi

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Impressive. Every battles are very fun and well-made. It is just as simple as clicking the cats you want to send into battle, yet strategies are needed to overcome those battles. The support from the developers are great.

Pretty fun game. Though getting cat food is pretty difficult, I have to wait for the login bonus to give some as watching ads and finding them.

Yeah cat food is a luxury...

Great game, definitely worth it. The karate cat has little health which is annoying as it is very expensive. But over all it's a great game.

I love ninja cat.

One of the greatest games I have ever played. Amazingly fun, simple, and addictive. Easy to learn, hard to master.

I love this game a lot although it is really difficult to obtain ubers and not to mention cat food especially if you don't have any money. I tried watching a bunch of ads instead and even then I only got one cat food every 1 and a half minutes. But other than that this game is great the strategy that is needed to complete some levels are amazing and the difficulty of the levels are the exact same but a lot of the game is really just luck based.

Yeah cat food can be difficult to get.

Love that simple art style!

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Thanks man.

This game is extremely addictive. Once you start figuring out an effective battle strategy, you find yourself beating multiple levels and progressing rather quickly

Yeah it is addictive...

I watched the trailer and The Battle Cats seems to be a funny game, sure I will play it. Great hunt.

It has cute cats that you will encounter playing this game. Most children will love to play this type of a game. It is fun and fascinating to play with.

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Battle cats battle cats feline monsters out of a hat, when theirs trouble, who do you call the Battle cats!!! (goes into guitar rift with a picture of a cool cat with sunglasses nodding his head approvingly)

A medium-level strategy game as graphics quality. But cats are so cute. All of the warriors are impressive and well thought through. An ideal game for people of all ages. Thanks for sharing

I am glad that you loved it.

To command an army of cute cats. It seems to be a very fun game. You are learning to play this game in seconds. A nice game for strategy lovers. Thank you.

It is an amazing game and can do a lot of stuff. I love it.Love the cats and gameplay, and everything else about it.


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Super hunt.
I love this game... So easy to get addictive of it.

Super hunt. I love
This game... So easy to get
Addictive of it.

                 - faisal007

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This is another great game and i will love to olay this game , the graphics looks nice.