The LUME Traveler No.1 - A panoramic open roof that lets you sleep under the stars

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The LUME Traveler No.1

A panoramic open roof that lets you sleep under the stars



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Hunter's comment

Today I present to hunters community the Lume Traveler. It is your second home when you are out on a trip or vacations. It comes with double beds and a kitchen. It is made of aluminum. It only weighs 1 metric ton with a load capacity of 350kg.

It has a built-in insect screen which prevents insects to come inside. Its open roof functionality brings a state of freedom.

It has a linked outdoor kitchen which has three cabinets for storing utensils. Other features have a full-fledged stove and 40-liter fridge. It also comes with a gas connection so that you will not have any difficulty for making barbecues.

If the weather is less pleasant, this stylish rear tent offers the right protection. The rear tent can also be configured. The basic execution starts from € 2.475.

The complete Lume traveler costs: €46,500



Hunter: @wiseeyes

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40 Liter Fridge.
450 Kg Capacity.
full-fledged stove



Cool Hunt Mate.

Here is my review about your hunt.

  • It's like you second home.
  • Give you state of freedom.
  • Load Capacity 340 Kg.





Strong and lightweight
The Aluminium ‘sandwich construction’ and the elements specifically designed for the trailer, the LUME Traveler is not only properly insulated, but also has a real character of its own.

The LUME combines state-of-the-art design with a rugged simplicity and modern technology.

The use of blind rivets stands out. The construction is self-supporting and mounted onto a top-notch KNOTT chassis.


  • Your second home out of home
  • Kitchen is fully equipped with basic necessities
  • Open roof
  • Double bedroom


  • High initial investment

It would be perfect to sleep in The Lume Traveller under the stars, but unfortunately I don't have 46500 € right now. Perfect hunt.

Impressive hunt mate.I

Looks like a Dream Come true for me, I always wanted something like this, It always give us happiness to see start while sleeping, now we can move this where ever we want, it also have stove and fridge.

Your Hunt is Approved :)

Well done!

By following our posting guidelines , hope you will bring more cool hunts to SteemHunt! If you have any questions, feel free to ask in our Discord Group.

SteemHunt Moderation Team

The LUME Traveler No.1 is an amazing way to enjoy your trip. Sleeping in the desert night while watching star in the sky is a great fun. LUME Traveler is your amazing home, It has all the luxury which a modern home has. The only cons are high price and 1,000 kg weight. Great hunt


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Thanks again and look forward to seeing your next hunt!

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