MoonRay 3D Printer - World's Best Desktop DLP 3D Printer

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MoonRay 3D Printer

World's Best Desktop DLP 3D Printer



Hunter's comment

MoonRay 3D Printer is the world's best desktop DLP 3D printer. It is a high-quality 3D printer with affordable price. It comes with ultra-fine resolution and can go as precise as 100 microns.

You will be surprised to see its finishing touches and it is also speedy than its competitors.

It comes with a powerful and easy to use software through which you can start printing after some easy configurations.

SprintRay Software makes printing simple. Add your models and let the software do the work for you. Our software also includes many optional adjustable settings, allowing your printing process to be as simple or as advanced as you'd like it to be.



Hunter: @wiseeyes

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  • About the same size as a typical paper printer.


  • Small enough for your desk at home.
  • Fast.
  • Precise printing capabilities.


  • None.

Great Hunt!


Love the fact desktop 3D printers are getting affordable. Can't wait the day I'm able to finally buy me one of these badboys.

Keep on the good work!

Previously I never gave upvote for 3D printer products, but the product this time was very different. It's unique.

Especially, the printer works very detailed, and can produce perfect prints, even for sharp parts.

Nice Hunt @wiseeyes

Great hunt my friend!I am enthusiastic with this desktop printer and i will try to buy one for my home.Keep good hunting!

Moonray 3D is a great desktop. Its price is very costly. It is very easy to use and beautiful. Beautiful Hunter.

Awesome hunt ! Your hunt is now verified.

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make your models to scale and 3d with moonray is more economical than your competition and is much faster you just have to put the figure you need and the device takes care of everything

MoonRay 3D Printer has powerful structure and easy handling. It runs faster than most competitors and the results are amazingly good. For example, it can do precision work as much as 100 microns. This product makes 3D printing easier. I like it. Thanks

This is the best thing today, to have an amazing 3D printers! Wanna share this. ;)

After so many 3D printer hunts I am seriously thinking about buying one. This one has indeed more speed on printing the objects. Its price is also affordable so great hunt. Thanks for it.

3d printers do not stop surprising me in their uses, although worrying about the large number of jobs that can be replaced by this technology but of great help in many areas. from houses made by 3d printers to hybrid carts. ## great hunt

This is a nice thing. High quality with affordable price. It is also fast and with nice software. The 3d printing industry is developing fast.

A cool and useful printer, but I think need a few years so 3D printer will become a common product and the price will become reasonable.

Oh, it's a 3D printer for the desktop. It seems that 3D printers are becoming smaller and more popular now. The YouTube video shows that the results of the printing are very accurate. As the price becomes cheaper, I want to buy and use 3D printer.

3D printers are always suprises me day by day. Every printer has better features that the one before. I never used it but maybe in the future I can think about it. This one has great features with its resolution and speed. Thanks for sharing

I have reviewed the pictures in your hunt and this printer has produced great results. It could be the best desktop 3D printer in the world, just like in the short story. Of course the price performance may need to be compared with other competitors. Nice hunt.

This looks like a lot of fun for anyone. The things we could do with this machine are super cool and most of the time can be useful as well. Congrats on a great hunt

Wow this thing is so amazing!!!!
I love it. Its so precise even in 100 microns. Its so great its like in future everything is gonna be printed in 3d at home.
Amazing hunt!!!!!!!!

very innovative
it seems like many dreams have come true, maybe this 3D printer was just the dream of IT experts, but now it has become a reality.

Nice Hunt, Hunter.


  • It's actually very ease of use, reliable and durable.
  • It Requires zero training and everyone can start printing in just a few clicks.
  • Ability to print multiple models at the same time.


  • Nothing for this hunt, simply a very good looking and useful 3d printer with lots of cool features.

Great hunt @wiseeyes

With the MoonRay 3D Printer, the resolution of 3D output is pretty good. Ideal for use in the home or office. With MoonRay 3D Printer you can get great 3D models. The price is a bit expensive compared to similar products, but its features are better than similar products.

The MoonRay 3D printer is one of the best SLA printers that is very easy to use. It has great print speed at an affordable price. Nice hunt!

This 3D printer is very cool. It is small and light which is highly portable. I believe that this product would become more popular in the future.

Pros and Cons
-Very cool 3D printer
-Print out very detail 3D prints

-Fairly expensive tools to have for 3D printing

Hey nice to see your this great hunt.This is so usefull product.I just love to read this. its will help lot people thanks for sharing this great hunt.This pinter so usefull for many student it keep it up

This 3D printer is the perfect size for home use. Nice hunt!!

This 3D printer has good size and cool design for home use. And its performance is also excellent. Thanks for sharing great product.

The speediness of this printer makes me to love it. Also it result is so awesome. This will be the best in the printing press centre.

Great hunt

It comes from the future!! very nice

These are becoming so popular and more and more easily attainable! I think everyone should own one!

We can make our own Steemit user action figures!

nice hunt

A 3D printer at that size sounds like a dream come true specially can go as precise as 100 microns and for a desktop 3D printer that is a lot. The fact that it comes with a very simple software to use is another plus and i would really want to know the price of this impressive product...


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This is an absolutely an amazing product .. If I can I would get it since I am a crafter..