C-Researcher 3 - 2500 - The deepest diving three-person submersible

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C-Researcher 3 - 2500

The deepest diving three-person submersible



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Hunter's comment

This product is for those players who love to play with the sea depths. You can go around 2.5Km down the surface. This can handle three people in it. It contains a fully acrylic sphere.

Private explorers, research organizations and other subsea professionals get a 360-degree view, unobstructed by components thanks to the innovative design.

Multiple options available:

  • manipulator arms
  • collection systems
  • 4K underwater camera systems

Among the three people, one is the pilot and the other two behaves like passengers. Its endurance is around 18 hours with a speed of 3knots.

Its battery capacity is 62kWh and it weighs slightly above 11 metric tons.




Hunter: @wiseeyes


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Great Hunt....
Seems like a high end product considering the capabilities it have... I mean just consider the submersible depth of 2500m...that's just insane and wonderful.

remember to hunt really your best finds on the web, we want the site to be fully of quality awesome products that people will love!

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What a wonderful hunt @wiseeyes! As for me, I think this powerful submersible would be a great hit for those business owners especially those running a beach resort particularly in those areas where Pacific Ocean is the body of water surrounding that island. And I can say that this submersible would be offered as a package to those tourists that would want to see the beauty of what is beneath the oceans which we all to be full of beautiful fishes and water-dwelling animals.

Continue promoting/hunting products of innovation such as this one and eventually, other hunters would notice your hunts and we can see sooner or later that your future hunts are among the high scoring hunts.

Wow, I like the fact that it can accommodate three persons. They makes it even better for more than two people. Thanks for the hunt.

These subs are becoming a hot topic on steemhunt lately... 3rd hunt just from the C-Researcher fleet! The ones I find most amazing are the Cruise Sub Series ones.


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