AV1 - The Robot for children with long-term illness

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The Robot for children with long-term illness



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AV1 is the telepresence robot that acts as the child's eyes, ears and voice in the classroom.

This robot is for those children who are suffering from illness and on leave from school.
Below are the main specifications of the robot:

  • Battery lasts for 6 hours
  • It has a 13MP camera
  • It comes with an 8-ohm loudspeaker
  • 2G, 3G, and LTE network options
  • Micro USB charger adapter
  • 20 LED lights for different uses
  • Weighs only 1kg
  • Password protected
  • Encrypted video streaming
  • Extended warranty
  • 4G subscription with free data traffic
  • Software updates

The student can make gestures by just pressing a button on the app. Like if you want to raise your hand, a white light will flash upon pressing the button.

The stream is only real time. It means the students can only access the stream at the real-time and stream can't be stored and recorded.




Hunter: @wiseeyes


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Beautiful purpose of this robot...!!


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Impressive Hunt mate.

Glad to see someone is thinking for the kids who are ill and had to be at home due to illness, and during this illness, They must had feel alone, but this hunt can be a good solution to keep them away from loneliness.


Supported 2g, 3g and LTE.
13 MP camera.
Password Protected.
long battery.



for those children who are suffering from illness and on leave from school.

if you want to raise your hand, a white light will flash upon pressing the button.

What is the use of raising your hand if you are on leave from school? If the robot teaches different class lessons while the child ia absent from school then this robot will be useful. Other than that, it seems just a toy for me.


It acts like the child is present in the class. The purpose of raising hand is when there is a question asked and the child at home wants to answer it, he/she will raise hand. So the robot's light will serve the purpose.


Oh, so basically there will still be someone at home to teach the child and all the robot will do is execute for the child? If the child is really sick, there is no need to teach him at home. Just let him rest and recuperate. If hes is sick but can somehow be taught, let him do his part just like that raising his hand. Having a robot do very simple tasks like raise hand on behalf of the child is crippling functionality of human body.

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