Golden Snitch Light - Now, everyone can be Harry Potter and play the Quidditch

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Golden Snitch Light

Now, everyone can be Harry Potter and play the Quidditch


Golden Snitch Light.jpg

Golden Snitch Light 2.jpg

Hunter's comment

Hail to all Harry Potter fans,

Now, it's the moment for you all to get yourself this amazing "Golden Snitch Light".

This magical item is powered by USB cable and the coveted snitch is encased for all the Quidditch fans to praise and endorse.

Don't worry, if you're not the best seeker, as the golden snitch has already got trapped inside the covered tube. All you need to do is just plug it in via the included USB cable - voila, you're the victory one!

So, what are you waiting for? Let's the Quidditch's tournament begins...



Hunter: @wilhb81

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Hi @bitrocker2020 bro,

Mind to elaborate a little bit, why my hunt does not comply to posting guidelines?

This item is a tech gadget, if I'm not wrong...

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Thanks for coming by, I was so flattered :D

nice, upvoted

Thanks bro :D

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Cool piece of paraphernalia. Not too expensive and serves as a light in your room. Good hunt

Hi @jasonshick bro,

Thanks for your compliment. Yup, this item is a must for those Harry Potter fans as one of their cool collections :)

Good hunt bro

Thanks bro, i'm a Harry Potter fan, as per se XD

Great.. do more hunt

Sure, I will and same for you bro :)

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@tabris I see, sorry about that, it's my fault. I won't do it again, thanks for the reminder~


谢谢鼓励,不然你也一起来参与 :)

玩了 希望叫座!


哈哈哈,我也是蒙查查就PO了,然后吃闭门羹 XD

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