myCaster - Live Stream on the go even on STEEM based platforms

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Live Stream on the go even on STEEM based platforms



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Hunter's comment

This is exciting!! I have been trying to live stream on DLive using a moblie phone for quite sometimes. It didn't really work until I found this app! Just started using it today and it worked just well as long as I have a stable internet signal.

Pros :

  • Could be used for many platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Pandora, Afreeca, etc.
  • Could also be used with DLive / DTube as they also has the options to choose 'Custom RTSP' and 'Custom RTMP'
  • Very easy to set up and learn how to use
  • It's free to download
  • Available for both Android and iOS
  • No Steem username and password required

Cons :

  • When livestream, you can't really switch to use other apps as it may cause the stream to be stopped

Additional info :
Guide on how to set up the Live Stream using the app :

My first successful Stream using a mobile phone :



Hunter: @waybeyondpadthai

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A Great hunt from your side. This app is very useful for live stream. I make some test video on dtube and dlive.It's a very small app and it can run in 1gb ram. I used this app many time. My review is 4.7/5.
Its easy to connect and easy to go live.
Thanks for this hunt...


Oh cool! I just started using it lately and still have to learn a bit more about it actually.


It's really very important,useful and easy to use.
Thanks for supporting me.


Ha Thank YOU!

Hi @waybeyondpadthai,

Thanks for yet another hunt. I’ve reviewed and approved it. The hunt is on.


Thanks !!!! 🐒❤️

This is a great live streaming application. I just found out that there is a mobile application for live streaming games that are launched
I tried it when..


Well sounds cool and it sure will be friendly to users who are usually mobile friendly :)


Try it when you live stream! :)

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Sure, we will use this app by your guideline and thank you very much for your point of view for using this mobile application, when I tried to keep that in my mind then I'll surely use this


Yes, do try! :)