Aurora - High Performance EVM With Full Ethereum Compatibility

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High Performance EVM With Full Ethereum Compatibility



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Hunter's comment

Aurora reminds me of many features of Binance Smart Chain. They are basically taking Ethereum and making transaction 1000 times cheaper. Aurora can handle more transactions.

Unlike Binance Smart Chain, Aurora is more decentralized and has their own DAO.


Aurora runs on NEAR Protocol and takes advantage of its many unique features, including sharding and developer gas fee remuneration. Aurora consists of two core components: the Aurora Engine runtime, which allows for the seamless deployment of Solidity and Vyper smart contracts, and the Aurora Bridge (based on the Rainbow Bridge technology), providing for the permissionless transfer of tokens and data between Ethereum and Aurora.


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Lots of these smart contract stuff are using EVM compatible works. Don't know if that's efficient enough. I'd like to see some diversity of possible.