Iklip 3 Deluxe - Simplify Your Stage Life

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Iklip 3 Deluxe

Simplify Your Stage Life



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Many musicians have been having difficulties presenting live on stage because there is no proper support stand for their device, Iklip 3 deluxe is a tablet support stand and perfect for the job.

IK Multimedia invented the live tablet support in 2011, changing the way musicians were carrying their mobile devices on stage. After years of refinement and improvements, iKlip 3 opens up new opportunities to ditch traditional chord charts, sheet music, and lyrics books for your favorite iPad music apps. iKlip 3 is the solution to a quicker, easier, and more reliable performing experience.


  • microphone stand which is universal for tablets and ipad
  • 5 in 1 mounting method
  • can expand from size 7" to 12"




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Awesome musician tools that are quite interesting and useful for learning music indirectly. A person who have made in love with music will get a good direction to be successful on stage.

Somethings which complete the person's work are always needy andone liked by people who love to use in their routine work.this stand is like a support which can help to sing and perform well on stage.it's design is enough unique to keep tablets ans ipads.

Other musicians really having trouble to stay focus in huge stage which makes them a mistake. Having this tool having a support to stay motivated to focus in presenting is really important for them.

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I think this is a good support tool for musician to have their stand set perfectly the way the want it without any hindrance or worry. I love the microphone stand which is suitable for tablets and ipad. Nice hunt!

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