Crowd Supply - Crowd Funding for hardware tinkerers!

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Crowd Supply

Crowd Funding for hardware tinkerers!



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Hunter's comment

Mass-produced products are so boring!

Products released by the big hardware companies are all about mass appeal... what it going to sell the most units and deliver the highest profit margins. There is a big difference between releasing the best products and the most profitable products.

With that in mind, I'd like to introduce Crowd Supply, it's a crowd funding platform for hardware inventors. The products produced don't have sweet seductive lines of a perfectly designed Apple product, they're crude, but they get the job done properly and cheaply.

Like this NAS drive for $185:

Or the worlds most secure computer (that can only be used in proximity of that fob):

This site has been blowing my mind all morning, I want to buy all the things. It is the tinker's dream! Raspberry PI users will especially love this site.



Hunter: @urbangladiator

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Long time no see your hunt @urbangladiator XD, and you come with one of the best today.

I am sure many peoples (especially electronic lovers) will love this platform).

After i visited the link, i am sure that Hunters will love it too because they can hunt some cool products :D


Hahahaha, thanks buddy! I do put in a couple of hunts a week to keep my head in the game, but no one really votes me so they're always down the bottom, haha. I got very lucky on this hunt.

I love that you're the only one so far that has seen the huge potential this site has for future hunters... there are a trillion products in here that could be hunted... which will very much help the platform and the inventors to get more exposure. Great comment as always man!

Congratulations! Your hunt has been reviewed and approved! Thank you for a great hunt.


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Great Hunt!


Awesome tool reward, support and buy unique hardware besides the mass.produced products. Love how this supports smaller inventions which can be for sure hard if you are up against global company!

Keep on the good work!


Whoa! That's cool... I wonder if you could center your image with the center tags... anyway, yes, I love that it has all these smaller tinkered projects that all look a little rough... I like it a lot, I don't have any skills but I'm a inventor at heart.

Hello @urbangladiator,

Well, I do believe that Crowd Supply is a phenomenal platform to buy the functional products (hardware) with low prices. Isn't it a great idea guys, indeed it is. I think it's gonna give a tough time to kickstarter and other similar platforms. It is really a good move.

Overall a superb Hunt :)


Thanks @salmanbukhari54! I personally don't think Crowd Supply will affect Kickstarter or IndieGoGo... those sites are for products with mass appeal, that are usually fairly well designed and look great. Crowd Supply seems more for the inventions that are rough, and messy looking, but are totally genius and do things that nothing else can do.

like for real, i love tech and how it is improving the entire world. This site is just like kickstarter but it just focuses on tech product. think i will consider using it someday


Awesome! That's great to hear @tfame3865! Thank you so much for your comment. There's heaps of things on here that I'd like to try out... and most of it is super cheap for what you're getting!

I checked its website and Crowd Supply is a great crowd funding platform for hardware inventors. Thanks for sharing.


Thanks @basak! I'm glad you checked, who knows if there is a cheap little device that does the thing you've always been looking for... thanks for your comment, I really appreciate it.

There are many crowdfunding for service and software. But particular for hardware thinkerers which is a niche in the market.


Thanks @alex3883. I completely agree... I actually don't mind seeing a specific niche crowd funding platform like this... it makes me wonder if the fashion industry or the app industry has something similar to support themselves...

Great overall hunt @urbangladiator. This is purely because of its Crowdfunding and a great opportunity for Hardware tinkerers. I have never seen a platform for them, I wish this will succeed.


Thanks so much @jassennessaj. I hope you're right... hopefully platforms like this inspire people to go out and invent their own solutions instead of just waiting for someone else to do it.

Nice hunt!!

  • I like that some of it's rules and user rights are boldly stated on the homepage so you know what you are signing up for.
  • There are a lot of cool projects already on the site. So you can back any one that picks your interest.


  • None for this hunt.

Thanks @veektall! Yeah, it has a very honest feel about it. I really do think that the intentions behind the people at Crowd Supply are good... they just want inventors and tinkerers to share their inventions with the world, even if they aren't as pretty as less-useful products out there.

@urbangladiator More platform as these are needed there are many independent people developing incredible and functional products, but like everything, they do not find the support, Crowd Supply would be in part the solution of some of these problems.
excellent find, thank you very much for letting us know
I wish you a great day


@jlufer - Thank you very much for the nice comment! I completely agree... it's a very niche market but it's an important one.

Great hunt by our beloved Moderator @urbangladiator(Indeed a very cool one). I know the best websites like Kick-starter & Indiegogo regarding crowdfunding. This one is new for me. But without visiting this platform I say it would be great. I will definitely visit and then will share my views. thanks for sharing different stuff. All the best!


Haha, you've very kind @jawad09! Thank you so much! Have a look and let me know what you think! Thanks!

I already know this crowdfunding platform. This is a new platform for hardware deals. It is best after Kickstarter. Looks very neat and clean, things are managed in very professional way. I must appreciate the team of Crowd Supply. Thanks for sharing a very nice hunt. Keep it up.


Yeah, I known about it for a little while... I actually found it when someone else hunted a specific item on there... and when I was verifying I became more interested in the platform than the item. I really like it. Thank you for your comment @steenit, I wish you a great weekend.

#That's Awesome Hunt @urbangladiator.

"Crowd Supply"

I would like to appreciate you for sharing such crowdfunding website for us. I really did not know about it and know now from your post. I will touch it soon. Very useful and valuable stuff available here. Thanks a lot for your contribution here.


Thanks @rabeel, I really appreciate your comment. I hope you like it when you go and have a look. Have a good day.

Superb hunt with something new. I am a digital marketer and I have worked on several crowd funding Campaigns. This platform is a news for me. Anyhow I will must join and explore Crowd Supply. Thanks for sharing a very great stuff.


That's interesting! I didn't know that digital marketers were a business, but now that I think about it, of course they are! Maybe some of the people on Crowd Supply could use your services? Thank you for your comment, it means a lot!

The sight has an easy-to-use interface and nice feel. It's really very attractive. With all the great features, this crowdfunding website primarily focuses on this point: big difference between releasing the best products and the most profitable products and this business revolves around this core point. I think this website has everything in it to be a successful venture. Good luck!


Thanks @steemit.lover2, nice to meet you! I obviously agree... these products aren't showy, and will definitely not appeal to most people... but that's why this platform is important and I'm glad someone thought to build it.

Nice hunt!
Those examples are really awesome!
I think the price is quite reasonable too
Thanks for the sharing


Yeah, I think the prices are amazing... I guess the lower prices are kind of a thank you for supporting them in their build phase. You've very welcome, thanks so much for your comment!

A Crowd Supply project should address a real need. Just because it’s possible, doesn’t mean it should be done - no one needs more landfill.


That's a fair critique. I'd say because this is all on a much smaller scale, then they really mostly sell what people have pledged for... but maybe not. Personally though, I'd rather have a Crowd Supply for every industry (where the products go straight to the consumer from the maker) instead of these mega-companies mass producing everything where half the units end up in landfill.

It is really good opportunity for hardware inventors. I wish I could use this to get the funding. Thanks for sharing cool hunt.

Hi @urbangladiator, You always come up with some novel products. Though crowdfunding is now getting more and more attention and we already have two giants like Kickstarter and Indiegogo for almost every category in the world, yet there is still room for new similar and yet bit different products in the same industry and Crowd Supply is probably one of the finest examples I have seen recently. Excellent Platform! Great hunt!

Good hunt


Thanks @omkardivya - I appreciate the comment and vote. Have a great day!

seems similar to kickstarter


Thanks @cryptojiang, it is extremely similar to kickstarter and indiegogo and crowdfunder. The only difference is that it specialises in technical hardware. It's for a very particular non-mainstream crowd and I love it.

That's really interesting man. Indeed I would love to buy some stuff there!


Thanks dude, yours is awesome too! I don't have any training in engineering or anything, but some of the stuff on there is so smart! I love that there's an avenue to help dudes produce really good gadgets in their garage... and then receive that gadget for yourself. I'm so happy this exists.


Yes, I am not even a tech guy but I love those gadgets! Tech is changing the world slowly!

Wooooww.!!! it´s a excellent platform.


Haha, that's the kind of enthusiasm we're looking for!! I like it too! Thanks so much for your comment!

Yes! this site is legit!!!
Awesome hunt!


Hahaha, awesome! Thanks Dave!!


  • very great

  • very good for hardware

  • very helpful


  • none

Thanks so much for your comment @elmauza! Really appreciate it.

Hi @urbangladiator,your post on crowd funding is amazing,I found it very useful.These kind of things where mass funding is made is grabbing attraction of people like us,glad you shared it on this platform.


Thank you so much @babarmallah786! I'm glad you like it, I'm really happy this particular hunt has done so well, I would have been disappointed if no one saw it.

Great hunt i like and Thanks You

This is really interesting fact that people find ways to bring betterment in existing technology/platforms. Crowd Supply is a fine platform for a very dedicated market. Great hunt @@@urbangladiator. You rock!

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Wow!! so nice. It's really fine product. I see it amazing!! It may popular.


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This is a super cool hunt @urbangladiator ! great products that are cheaper , I love sites that when you get there you want to buy it all ! lol!! Thanks again for everything , you have restored my sanity! Hahaha! 😂👍👍👍✌💕