Expecting - positive pregnancy - Happy pregnancy affirmations

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Expecting - positive pregnancy

Happy pregnancy affirmations



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This app is a must have app for pregnant women's as it let's them take care of their baby in a better way, helps to connect with baby and relax and feel comfortable.

Expecting app – positive pregnancy – pregnancy affirmations & tools that will relax, excite, reassure, guide, calm you and make you happier. Your pregnancy is magical and “Expecting” will help you get through your pregnancy in a more relaxed and positive way by a personalized approach and affirmations.

Pros :

  • gives right information about pregnancy
  • mades free from tension
  • gives a sense of pride in having a baby
  • great features ( The picture, fitness tracker)

Cons :

  • none

Say goodbye to pregnancy worries with this app. Be healthy and make peace with your mind.


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Hunter: @upali


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Hey @upali, Im glad that this hunt reached the Top 7, congratulations for this hunt. I would want to recommend this hunt to Pregnant woman out there. Good job!

Great hunt @upali

Great app for those who are pregnant or are thinking of being a mother. Thanks to this application you can learn a lot about pregnancy. You can also advise about pregnancy and learn about your health.

Nothings beats the happiness of a parents knowing they gonna have a child. Thou many feelings and emotion will come about for the morher, this app will help to ease down. What a great app and hunt. Thanks for sharing.

A real good app to help you deals with fear of having a baby stay positive and inspired all day. great hunt

It is an incredible application especially for first time mothers, we are usually more nervous and anxious. This is great to enjoy pregnancy without doubts or worries. Good hunting.

This is a good app for my sister who is going through her pregnancy right now. IT will give her the confidence that she needs. Thanks for posting this hunt.

This app is a must have app for pregnant women's it lets them take care of their baby in a better way. superb
app my wife loves it helps her a stay calm also helps to manage weight

One of the awesome app to check your health for short time. Nice app for pregnant women's, helps to connect with
baby and relax and feel comfortable.

Welcome to the amazing and extraordinary application, now it has been answered on the anxiety of women and married couples about panic during pregnancy, or waiting for a pregnancy.

  • This application will greatly help our concerns to always feel like consulting a doctor

  • This application provides a comfortable space for pregnant women

  • This application also maintains and controls the fertility of babies who are still in the womb.

Good application for pargnent women Most of time some product can't provide perfect result . Nice hunt

This is a useful application for the married people to have a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy. There are lots of unique features that will make the mother more positive in their lifestyle during their pregnancy.

Now, for pregnant women to take care of their babies would not be any difficulty for them.
All thanks to this hunter.
Thanks for sharing this hunt with us. It is really helpful

I like the reminder feature,it's so easy to keep track of your thoughts and special requirements.i am happy.

I heard somewhere that positive affirmations really help peoples to stay healthy but never see an app like this which provide affirmations, I think apart from health this app will also help women's to maintain positive mindset which is important to get through pregnancy. Nice Hunt

Easily the perfect app to give the confidence and strength to move ahead everyday while expecting.Also app can be used to keep track of your pregnancy medications, and many other amazing features

This is wonderful , now pregnant mothers can have a great connection with their babies comfortably, this will bring about less anxiety especially for first timers, good one hunter

A mobile app that will help ladies who will have a baby. It can also be used on two platforms. Easy to use and have great features. Recommended for women.

Expecting-positive pregnancy is a great application for mothers, mother candidates and of course for babies. Great hunt.

Wow very informayional app for pregnant women and their baby.
Good features like

gives right information about pregnancy
mades free from tension
gives a sense of pride in having a baby
great features ( The picture, fitness tracker)

Stay blessed and keep it up

Expecting - positive pregnancy is superb idea and an app to make the pregnant women more composed, relaxed and tension free during this hard time. This can play a vital role to make the expected women more aware the complexities of pregnancy in a more advanced way.

A truly beneficial app for the general masses. GREAT HUNT <3

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