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Infinite Painter

Infinite Studio Mobile - Art & Desing



Hunter's comment

We are not Sketchbook.
We are not Photoshop.
We are not Procreate.
We are Infinite Painter.

Top brushes - The most advanced paint engine on tablets

  • More than 80 pre-set natural brushes
  • Create new brushes
  • Set brushes with ease
  • Brushes act realistically on paper textures

Superior tools - A place for everything

  • Experiment with four types of symmetries
  • Layers and combination of Photoshop layers
  • Create clean lines with the Line, Ellipse, Feather, Lazy and Conveyor guides
  • Draw urban landscapes in 3D with five guides from different perspectives
  • Selection and clipping masks

Superior Interface - Everything in place

  • It is simple, organized and clear for a good job
  • Organized forms of work: Paint - Sketch, Paint, and MixClone - Import an image in the painting. Edit - Adjust color, Blend, Pattern, cut, or add a filter.
  • Accommodate your toolbar for better management of them

Advanced features

  • Transform multiple layers simultaneously
  • Transform tool: Move, Scale, Rotate, Flip, Distort and Tilt
  • Create perfect patterns with the Pattern tool
  • Liquify tool: Form, Move, Thicken, Swirl, undulate and opacity
  • Gradient and fill pattern
  • Use images as reference
  • Rotate and flip the canvas

Import and export

  • Import and export PSD layers
  • Import images from the gallery, Camera, or use the integrated image web browser
  • Export (Save) as JPEG, PNG, PSD, or ZIP
  • Share works with the Infinite Painter community, PEN.UP, or Instagram
  • Find millions of colors, palettes and patterns through ColourLovers



Hunter: @uenakua

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