Mindful Eating Hypnosis - Eat What You Need

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Mindful Eating Hypnosis

Eat What You Need



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Mindful Eating Hypnosis App hels you to eat, what you need, with Hypnosis. Hypnosis audio is carefully read by the soothing voice of a certified hypnotherapist You recieve hypnotic suggestions with the help of Hypnotic Booster.
Hypnotic Booster induces your brainwaves into a trance.




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This is worth trying if you have tried normal dieting and failed to sustain the weight loss. Sometimes our unconcious overrides our conscious minds when it comes to things like compulsive eating.

Alongwith mindful life a mindful eating is also important

Many people are fond of eating anything especially what their body did not need and they don't know how to help themselves but with this app they can easily know what their body needs and be mindful of what they eat

What exactly is the purpose of this app sir, can you please explain it a bit more.

Its not good to just be eating without knowing what is good for the body. This app will be very good to help one to eat very well. Inlove this app.


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