hRobot - open source, connected, 3D printable robotic arm

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open source, connected, 3D printable robotic arm



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Hunter's comment

Robotics really took over the age of today, maybe in the future, they can be our companions! But what I like the most is that today, more and more open source robotics are now available in GitHub, all you just need to do is to make a pull request or download the resource to make your own!

Basically, hRobot is an

Open Source and printable manipulator with five degrees of freedom. The main purpose of this project was to create a robotic arm that could be made by makers around the world or in schools to teach robotics instead of using simulation software

Look at this one here:



Hunter: @truthsfinder

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Wow! This one is very cool.
Thanks for always your share the great hunt in steemhunt. I already looking forward to your next hunt :)

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I saw 3D printable arm as a hunt a few days ago, and hRobot is also as great as it. Being Open-sourced is also a great feature. Perfect hunt.

the fact that it is printable and open source gives us many possibilities with this robot, adapt it to many activities you want, is simply practical and great, I really like your hunting, thank you for sharing.


I really love open source softwares, projects, applications and etc. :)

Such an amazing hunt @truthsfinder! What I love about it is because of its open-source feature. Plus, as an Electronics Engineering graduate this will be very helpful to me learning more about robotics. Schools will also benefit this advancement. Great!


It is a very good event because open source is a project. You can examine and develop it in this way. A robot arm that can be written in 3D. Files are available in Github. A good example project to learn and develop robots. Thank you.

This is really an awesome hunt @truthsfinder! There are really so many open source projects nowadays! Thanks for sharing. :)

It's an interesting idea. I think I can make various arm with 3D printer. Open source makes it even better. Thank you for sharing a impressive product!

Wow, i want one of this to help me do my work, this is so cool, thank you very much for your hunt~

WOw, another new invention, It is increasing day y day, and becoming easy to live life, Thanks for sharing.

It is technologically very good and it is made with 3d printer and it reduces the cost considerably. The other thing that attracts attention is open source. GREAT HUNT :)

Wao this is very impressive hunt.this product is very useful.This Robert looks so great.this robert helps to daily life work.this robert helps you transfer thing one place to another.this robert helps you to drink in your glass.Really such a great hunt.Everyone like your hunt.thanks for sharing.

Excellent hunt


Open source project
Using this create creative 3D design




Sure! Make a pull request and start making yours hehe


Im on it. IF i get one i will post a video.

Hello @truthsfinder,

Great Hunt

Here is my opinion-


  • it can be used in Bars or for personal use
  • Fast


  • It could be more good looking

Thank you :-)

Most lovable hRobot

Really it looks technically a very good robot, it looks like a robotic arm, it is a very useful product for the school.

Awesome hunt! best of luck

It's nice that it's an open source. The maker is generous. :)

I think i saw that product a few days ago on Steemhunt. But that one looks different...


Maybe what you saw is the 3d printable arm, not this one. Hmm

This is a great hunt, every hunter will want to get this. Such a superb robot


This will really help you in any sense :)


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