SoelCat 12 - Fuel-Free Solar Catamarans

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SoelCat 12

Fuel-Free Solar Catamarans



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SoelCat 12

Today solar panel is not only for the roof now you can see a solar charger, home camera with solar panel, watch and more. Today I wanna share a catamarans with a luxurious designed meet the SoelCat 12 carries a solar catamarans can load 16 passengers without need of fuel.


The SoelCat 12 have an smart technology called Naval DC can this integrated is for monitoring using this interface you can viewed the range via Smartphone or Tablet. Using the Naval UI the guest can also connect to the Wi-Fi on board and play music wirelessly the 120kWh lithium battery can supply all the energy needed day or night.



No fuel costs
24 Hours Range
8.6 kWp Solar Array
2 x 60 kWh Batteries
2 x 30 kW Electric Motor



Hunter: @toffer

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This is absolutely cool @toffer. I can't find other words than awesome for this product haha.

every day the technology advances by leaps and bounds and every day is also friendly to the environment this product is spectacular to have fun with, its design is beautiful with quality finishes, and solar energy technology gives it that touch that causes explore nature, is very good hunting.

Great hunt @toffer Seeing those boats here around Bali and the environment being damaged not only by the plastic waste, but also the engine and the oil of boats, I think this is the right direction to go!

Keep on hunting and enjoy your day @toffer

A great new sollution for luxuriously coasting in the ocean, with this catamaran powerd with solar electricity.

  • no polution
  • luxurious riding
  • environment friendly

Great Hunt, @toffer!

Hello friend @toffe, this is an incredible hunting, solar catamarans without fuel is perfect to spend a pleasant moment together with friends and family, besides that it is incredible, innovative, elegant and very beautiful. SoelCat 12 carries a solar catamaran that can carry 16 passengers without the need for fuel, which makes it much more interesting. This also includes a solar charger and a domestic camera with a solar panel.

HAve a nice hunt @toffer, another great hunt from @toffer. you can date with your girlfreind in this, Lol

that thing is SICK -- man that's the life eh?

remember to hunt really your best finds on the web, we want the site to be fully of quality awesome products that people will love!

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This is an amazing solar catamaran.
The design is cool too.
I'm just wondering if there are thunderstorm for a long time, what will happen to this catamaran :D

This boat looks so cool, if crypto moons, i will see if i can afford one, thank you very much for your hunt~

The boat itself is beautiful, which is not common for solar-powered vehicles. The 24-hour range at minimum speeds makes it really useful for a longer cruise, too. Nice find.

Solar energy is the futuristic version of energy to bring it to our day to day need and this is in deed needed in this highly alarming polluted earth where GHG emissions are really a threat to the next generations, so in order to survive in a healthy this sort of innovations and application of solar energy is the best and ideal solutions to meet the energy demand and that's really an epic hunt by you.

Thank you and Have a great day.

concept and design is awesome

@toffer This is great that it operate on only solar without any backup fuel. This is great

Eco friendly innovation always admired by everyone along with nature , because of pollution free.

Would make an excellent dive boat


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