Reader 1000 - A smart system for drug test analysis

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Reader 1000

A smart system for drug test analysis



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The Reader 1000 is a key element of the Intelligent Fingerprinting Drug Screening System. It is used to analyse the Intelligent Fingerprinting Drug Screening Cartridge after a sample has been collected and it provides an on-screen positive or negative drug screening result for each drug in the test.

If you remember last time I hunted a smart device that uses sweat from your finger print to detect drug level in you body. Well this is a useful reader that helps in analyzing the data with accuracy when it comes to results. It’s portable for office an road use by security officers.



Hunter: @tio

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I think the manual checking of drug-tests is still a better option, the system can be cheated - some say it is not that accurate, I mean who knows.


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Well eston is really interesting. It could be an option for patrollers as you say. However, we have to see how reliable it is, it can depend on the state of toxicity in the body.

It may be cool and making surely our lives easier in identifying the drug affected person, but i agree with @chuuuckie that maybe the system can be hacked or cheated. Manual is better but it takes too much time. anyways, it is a great device tho.

It is nice invention and innovative product because this is very smart and intelligent instrument which can be used to test drugs through finger print. Very nice product and good hunt that can also be helpful for security personnel.

How accurate it is we won't know until we tested it. But I believe this product can be used for initial stage of detecting drugs on a person. It'll be very useful for the enforcement officers to catch the drug offenders. Good hunt.

This is a perfect device to measure the drug test accurately. It will very useful for those who are interested in this. This is a very nice hunt

This device will save a lot of time and effort for authority. the future it is many cases that drug abuse is left in high flying time, using this device it will save a lot of time.

Thank you for sharing , great hunt

NIce hunt

Reader 1000 ia a smart system for drug test of human body. Hope it will save the human time compare to manual drug test. I like this hunt. @tio thanks for your awesome hunt Keep moving with @steemhunt


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