SoundHound - Discover, search, and play any song

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Discover, search, and play any song



Hunter's comment

A very nice app on IOS and Android for searching music. Just open SoundHound and let it listen to the music you don’t know who performs it. When SoundHound has found the number it will report to you the name of the artist and the song and also the ability to start this song in Apple music or Spotify. It also works if you have a melody stuck in your head and can’t remember any lyrics or have more info, just hum the melody and SoundHound will try to find it for you, this option has helped me multiple times in the past.


  • Free to use
  • Can hum songs
  • Fast results on searching
  • voice control


  • Commercials
  • Humming does not always work
  • Musical preference logged online



Hunter: @tijntje

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