The ilumi Smartstrip™ - 1st outdoor rated, individually addressable smart LED strip

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The ilumi Smartstrip™

1st outdoor rated, individually addressable smart LED strip







Hunter's comment

Here is a really COOL HIGH TECH led strip. The ilumi Smartstrip™ is really SMART. It does not need to be plugged into a central hub to be controlled by your phone. You can just plug it into your wall & set it up.

This one here is 6.6 feet long. You can connect up to 3 of these together to make one really long strip of led lights. I have a led strip & it is not as COOL as this. I have to get up & go press the button on it to change the colors. With this you can control everything from your phone.

With any other ilumi bulbs you can connect them all together in a mesh. You will be able to control them all from your phone. This would be really awesome to have a whole house with a bunch of these.

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Hunter: @thabiggdogg

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  • Amazing smart LED strip that illuminates your room.
  • Great product which has a sensor that detects your presence and also the technology being incorporated as a whole in this product is topnotch.
  • The price is pretty competitive considering its output, I mean the illumination it gives.
  • 20 years of usage is pretty long and that defines the effectiveness of this product!


  • None for this amazing product.

Great hunt man @thabiggdogg!


  • Satisfying length / can cover many uses
  • Compatible with smartphone / remotely controlled
  • Cool design
  • Perfect for decoration


  • Price


  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor decorations
  • The price is a bit high but considering the lifespan if this item upto 20 years, this is something that is economical in the long run unlike any other illuminance items
  • It can already detect someone's presence! Such a smart LED Light!
  • The settings can already be managed through your smartphone


  • None for this is a really great product

Hi @thabiggdogg,

Thanks for yet another hunt. I’ve reviewed and approved it. The hunt is on!


  • smart LED strip
  • controllable via phone
  • for outdoor usage

*price; the same as philips hue strip

Another great item hunt that you find @thabiggdogg, it really interest me to check your hunt every now and then. Digging them up for some product review. Please see my review below :

Pros :

  • This item is mostly good for people who are going to vacation
  • It has long and lasting energy efficient which make it usable for a longer time
  • It does not need a hub or a WiFi
  • Supports Bluetooth 4.0
  • It has a longer life with up to 20 years
  • Provides brightness with 800 lumens per meter
  • You can adjust it to a dimmable via app
  • Bluetooth use only low energy
  • It can help enhance your mood and even brighten your daily routine
  • This item is intended for both indoor and outdoor use
  • It automatically detects your presence

Cons :

  • Expensive type of item


Great product for illumination
Indoor/outdoor product
Competitive pricing
Product enjoys many years in the market


Non that I can see


  • illuminates the room beautifully
  • sensor that detects presence
  • longevity
  • reasonable price
  • none


  • Automatic detection is one interesting feature
  • Scope for both indoor and outdoor access
  • controlled by phone
  • Bluetooth inbuilt support
  • Illumination is appreciable


  • It is expensive

The best part is the strip does not need to be connected to anything
can be controlled by an app on your phone
really like that you can join several strips together for larger projects
no cons to add here

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