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One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Treasure

I will be going through @SteemHunt each day & looking at the post ranked 100+ for the day. I consider those the trash that no one liked enough. Maybe not enough people seen them. But sometimes you can find good things in the trash. That's why I am here. I will be digging through the @SteemHunt trash & provide my Top 5 each day.

Today there wasn't that much to look through in the trash. The garbage man must have came already. I look for items listed #100+ on the website. I didn't have a good selection to pick from as the past 2 days. There was only 10 items for me to look at. But I found a few cool things. I did find a cool keychain that you can recharge your phone with. And also a cool looking bike. Hope you enjoy today's selection.

6/30/2018 - Top 5

@ThaBiGGDoGG HUNTs Through The Trash

1 - @juecoree - eChargr Juice + Keychain

  • I like this because it is small, holds a 3 hours charge, & it is a keychain.
  • You will always have it with you.

2 - @mdshra - Bicymple Nuvo

  • This bike is cool looking, classic 2 speed gears, & looks fun to ride.

3 - @dangrajo - Modern combat versus

  • Have played the other Modern Combats & they were fun.
  • This looks like it should be really fun too with the new game modes.

4 - @esgie - Sonic Superhero Fighter

  • Who doesn't like Sonic?
  • This game looks cool.
  • Features lots of Super Heroes & plenty of Villains to attack.

5 - @bamike - Painnt - Pro Art Filters

  • WOW!!! This app offers 1000+ filters that will turn your pictures into artwork.
  • I also like that they regularly add new filters to the app.

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